Postgame Quotes - November 27, 2017


Re What sense you get from guys after a night like tonight:

“Well I mean they are really happy. We know we beat a really, really good team. We beat a team in their home court who is 18-3. That was just a really good win. I thought from an offensive standpoint that is the best we have played all year, relative to that’s the best defensive team in the league and we were able to consistently get good shots. Even the stretch we hit where we couldn’t score in the 2nd quarter we were just missing shots. We were able to get quality shots on a pretty consistent basis against a great defensive team. The difference in the game was turnovers because they shot the hell out of the ball too. Marcus Smart was like Kyle Korver out there tonight. He banked the one in and then he hit the one from about 30 feet. I mean 6 for 9 from 3, they make 16 3’s so it wasn’t an off night for the Boston Celtics, but the difference in turnovers is what turned it. Tobias (Harris) was really good and Andre (Drummond) it might be the best game he’s played overall at both ends of the floor since I’ve been there. Then its free throws like we talked before the game make a huge difference because we had him on the floor and Brad (Stevens) went and fouled him once, they were up 1 and they never led again after that. He made one out of two and then we can run our pick and rolls down the stretch and it changes everything. I thought Avery (Bradley) did as good a job as you can do on a great player in Kyrie (Irving). He was right there with him all night, I thought he did a good job.”


Re Why the offense was running so smoothly tonight:

“Well you know we have been playing like this all year, moving the ball, playing with great pace, but we knew they were the number one defense it was a must that we play with that kind of pace, that kind of energy, play in transition, we got stops.”

 Re Have you seen Andre Drummond any better:

“Andre was unbelievable tonight. He was special. I think he finished the game with what 25, 21? I’m not even good in 2K, but I guarantee if I play 2K with him I cannot get those numbers. He was special tonight.”

Re The feeling coming back being on other side of ball:

“I think it was a great experience for me being able to come back to a place I call my second home, to be able to get the win, but most importantly the way that we played tonight. We were just able to move the ball around on the offensive end and get consistent stops and that is what kind of team we need to be. We need to be a team that can have a guy going at any time, any guy, on any given night. Have to continue to move the ball and play free, play fun and I felt like its going to be hard for teams to beat us if we’re playing that way.” 

Re Why the offense functioned at high level tonight:

“I think just Coach just getting us prepared before the game and us going out there and executing our game plan. We wanted Dre (Andre Drummond) to set screens and roll and open up the floor for us and he did that on a consistent basis and he didn’t necessarily to that just to get the ball every time and that to me that’s what team is all about. Dre was setting good screens to get other people open and he was giving us the opportunity to make plays for him or for ourselves or for other guys. It was a great team win.” 

Re What the pregame introduction and ovation meant to you:

“It meant a lot to me. I appreciate it. My seven years here I tried to go out there and compete hard and leave everything out on the floor and for them to show that respect back meant a lot to me. This will always be my second home and I love all the fans in Boston.”


Re Avery Bradley’s defense against Kyrie Irving:

“I thought all of them were very good; certainly Avery at the point of attack on defense was great.  But I thought they were really, really good.  They played with great pace, they played with great purpose. They tried to take the ball out of Kyrie’s hands and they did so pretty successfully.  So, you know, they were really good tonight; they’ve been really good most of the year.” 

Re if he’s seeing more confidence from Marcus Smart as his shot’s been falling at a more efficient rate:

“Yeah, I mean, I told you before: I expect him to just keep making the right basketball plays and the shot will go down. He puts in a lot of time, we believe in him, you know, and we want him to – to shoot and take and make those open ones.” 

Re what makes Detroit a tough match-up for the Celtics:

“Well I think if you look across the league, they’ve been a tough match-up for a lot of teams. So they’re a good team. And I don’t think that’s anything – last year we played – they got us at the about the same time of the year here, and I thought they played as good of a game as a team played in here last year.  So, they’re well-coached, they run good stuff, I love what they’re doing.  (Andre) Drummond has greatly improved as now a playmaker out of the high post, which is a big difference from what he’s done in the past, Tobias Harris’ improvement has been tremendous, and obviously they’ve got really good guards.  So they are – they’re really good.”

 Re teams shooting higher percentages and scoring more points than earlier this season; is that a function of teams making more shots or any regression in the Celtics’ defense:

“Well, first of all, I think a couple of our recent games we played against teams that have played excellent offense, including tonight, and put us in a bind in a lot of different ways where we had to – we really had to pick our poison. And I think our defense wasn’t very good tonight. But, again, I credit that more to Detroit’s offense and the way they ran and the pace they ran, and everything else.”


Re Detroit trying to take Kyrie Irving out of his game: “I think that they’ve been doing that all year, usually putting Avery (Bradley) on the point guard.  They know that he creates a lot of chaos.  It’s his ability to get after ‘em.  We were OK with…We weren’t at our best handling those pressure situations.  We needed to find more ways to give Kyrie better outlets and play a different way.  But at the end of the day, you’ve got to give them credit.  They came in.  They were the team that was more ready from the beginning of the game, and they deserved to win tonight.”

 Re Giving up a lot pf points like this doesn’t happen often.  Was it the defense or was Detroit hitting tough shots: “They kept us on our toes.  You’ve got to give them credit they really kept us on our toes.  They moved the ball really well.  We weren’t as connected as we usually are on defense as a group, and we had our times, but more often than not we weren’t mentally…Against that team you have to mentally engaged at all times, because if not, they’ll make you look bad, and they did.  And it’s a credit to them.” 

Re Andre Drummond’s performance tonight.: “Yeah I know.  He was great.  He was great tonight.  He was very engaged.  He was very focused. They have him playing a lot more out of the elbow instead of the post.  And he hit some tough shots down the stretch.  Man, I was all over him on defense and he hit some tough ones.  Those are the ones you shake his hand and say it’s your night tonight. We’ll see them again in a couple of weeks.”