Postgame Quotes - November 17, 2013

(On the Lakers performance tonight)

“They got a lot of open shots; they got some transition threes. We knew going into the game that they could spread the floor with three point shooting. They got some pick and rolls, they took some dives, and guys dived into the rim. That opened up the three point shooting. We had some chances for scoring, we missed some easy shots,[and] missed some foul shots. ”

(On defending the Lakers three point shooting)

“It was a big problem. When they made shots, they made one, then they made two, then they continued to go…when they started to make shots on the three point line, it made it a little easier for them to make more shots. Like I said, one shot led to two shots and three shots.”

(On the first half vs. the second half)

“Well, obviously we’re not going to continue to shoot 62%. That’s just not going to happen, and I don’t think we got as easier shots as we did in the first half than we got in the second half… They did a better job in the second half of getting out in transition, and finding that open man in transition. We didn’t get back in transition as well as we did in the first half.”

(On Jordan Hill’s performance)

“Jordan Hill does what he does. He’s an offensive rebounding machine, and he made some shots. He doesn’t usually make those baseline shots like that. But he made some shots, and made his living off of offensive rebounding.”

(On how the Lakers were able to come back so strong after being down at the half)

“Well again, we came out at the end of the [first] half up six, we missed consecutive shots—they came down and made some shots. I said before the game, they have the ability, when you have three point shooting, you can get back in the game where you can stretch the lead, and that’s what happened tonight. They were able to get back in the game with some three point shooting, then they were able to stretch the lead with some three point shooting.”

(On Nick Young’s two straight three-pointers in the 3rd quarter)

“That’s a momentum switch for anybody. When somebody hits two threes in a row, that’s a big switch. That got them going, Meeks got it going, and things just started going their way…and we lost the game.” <p< (On what made Jordan Hill so effective)

“It was like playing against myself. Non-stop movement. He runs around, rebounds and plays hard, so it was like playing a clone of myself. Just constantly moving, battling and grinding throughout the entire game… I definitely tip my hat off to him for that one.”

(On what changed in the second half)

“I think that in the second half we were getting to our spots, we just missed a few shots that we made in the first half. They [Lakers] made a lot more shots in the second half. I don’t think they changed their game plan. We just missed some open shots.”

(On whether playing a team that can stretch the floor like the Lakers was a tougher task than usual)

“I wouldn’t say a tougher task. It was a little bit of an adjustment. Every night we’re not playing a team with that many shooters on the floor, especially when it goes to their bench. It’s something that we work on. It’s not like it’s rare; every team can go with a lineup where they have shooters all over the court. We just have to contain them and be better in our rotations.”

(On guarding Jordan Hill)

“I think he [Hill] just made energy plays. He just outworked us tonight. I won’t say it wasn’t hard, but it’s not like they’re throwing the ball in the post 20 times. He just made the hustle plays, ran the floor and had offensive rebounding.

(On the disappointment of the loss)

“It’s real disappointing. I think we got away from sharing the basketball in the second half, and gave them life. We all knew that Jordan Hill was an active player on the boards, and I think we did a poor job on finding a body on him. We left a lot of possessions open for him, and they just started making shots in the second half.”

(On whether Detroit relaxed a little bit after shooting near 60 percent in the first half)

“I don’t think so. They started making shots, and that’s the nature of the beast. Offense comes and goes, but defensively I think we should have stayed in tune to our philosophies. That’s where we let the game slip away… on the defensive end.”

(On tonight’s game)

“I just thought the way they moved the ball and the way the energy that they had, on both ends of the floor, running out. You’re right there with some individual performances and there was a lot of them. Jordan Hill obviously sticks out, but the way Nick Young is playing, Wesley Johnson, and Steve Blake. I don’t want to leave anyone out because there was a lot of them that just player super. ”

(On Jordan Hill’s performance tonight)

“He is just hustling and his energy. He has put together some nice games, he’s just got to keep it right there and he can. There’s no reason why he can’t. He’s just I think more confident and more everything and more minutes. It’s just good right now.”

(On Pau Gasol’s performance tonight)

“Pau’s almost has a triple double, which is unbelievable. He’s working through some stuff, but we’re getting the team in rotations right now and obviously guys have stepped up. Nick Young, his performance off the bench, and a different guy Jodie Meeks plays Steve Blake he’s got 16 assists. There are just so many guys who played well tonight.”

(On Jordan Farmar’s performance this season compared to last season)

“I didn’t see him a lot last year. He was out almost pretty quick when I got here and we had so many things and he had two guys ahead of him or three guys and it was not easy. He is much more confident inside. He’s got that little jump-hook. Again, most of his is by playing harder than anyone else.”

(On getting closer to their team identity)

“I think we are getting better as a team. The Identity is going to be we have to play full out for 48 and then Kobe comes back and now the identity changes, so we’re okay. We just need to win as many as we can, get as good as we can, and then try to get some guys back that causes the identity changes a little bit. Again, we’re playing defensively better; we’re running the floor better which makes them better. Guys are getting more confidence. I just hope our identity will be a good team.”

(On how he’s able to thrive in his role coming off the bench)

“I’ve been playing that role for a while. Either way [bench or starter] I have a mindset of just going in and playing my game and trying to relax more and have fun out there.”

(On bringing energy to the floor off the bench)

“[Coming off the bench] you get a chance to see the game and see who’s playing and how they’re playing. I just go out there with energy and now I’m just going out there to play.”

(On the teams next game Friday vs. the Warriors)

“We get a little rest and that should get our aching bones together and we should come out and play well Friday.”

(On being player of the game)

“I just came out here and had a lot of energy. The whole team came out here, everyone wanted this win. We needed this win, so we just came out here and got it.”

(On what worked so well second half)

“We just did our thing. Steve Blake got open shots, corner of the box just dishing them out. Everyone was doing the same thing.”

(On how his game is as a starter)

“Be more confident everyone time I step on the floor. When I get that confidence I feel like no one can stop me. Just go out here and keep doing what I am doing.”