Postgame Quotes - November 10, 2017

DETROIT PISTONS HEAD COACH STAN VAN GUNDY:  (On turnovers): “Our turnovers are creeping up and our defense is not as good. It’s not the way you want to be trending, but we got the win and you know if you’re a mature team you don’t have to take a loss to refocus you, but we’re looking like that’s the only thing that’s going to refocus us right now.”


(On the second half): “They totally out played us in the second half, they end up with 58 points in the paint, 36 of them in the second half. We offered very little resistance whatsoever, we turned the ball over. Look, they dominated us, but because we played a good second quarter and because Reggie (Jackson) made two huge shots we’re able to get away with the win. I’m happy as hell about that, but we have to be honest with ourselves. We did not play well in the second half, but we played a very good second quarter. We did not play well in the second half. We got totally out played we got to be honest about that.”


DETROIT PISTONS CENTER ANDRE DRUMMOND:  (On getting seven assists to mark a career high): “Just trying to move the ball and get my teammates in different places and they capitalized with scoring. My prime suspect is Avery Bradley, I look for him more times than not. He’s always cutting back door and when he comes off that dribble hand-off he’s coming off hard, scoring the basketball. What better guy to play with?”


(On how much tonight was a gut-check game): “We let the game slip away in the fourth quarter. We allowed them to get their momentum up. Allowed them to get into a groove and you know, we did what we were supposed to, we locked down. Got stops defensively. We scored offensively, well Reggie Jackson scored offensively. We played Reggie Jackson basketball, played with a lot of heart and when that fourth quarter comes on we already know to give him the basketball.”


DETROIT PISTONS GUARD AVERY BRADLEY: (On what it means to pull out the win late in the fourth quarter): “I think the most important thing for us is not getting comfortable, we got comfortable in the third quarter. I feel like they came out and jumped on us and tried to retaliate. For us, to be able to fight back and through the adversity and stick together as a team, it shows a lot about us. Reggie Jackson just made some big plays for our team tonight, player of the game to me. He didn’t make some three’s at the beginning of the game and for him to have the guts to take those shots at the end of the game says a lot about him and says a lot about us as a team. It can be any guy’s night, we all believe in each other and he played well tonight for us.”


ATLANTA HAWKS HEAD COACH MIKE BUDENHOLZER: (On tonight): “Hopefully we can build off the second half, the way we played.  It’s really how we need to play for the whole game. Not good enough in the first half and dug ourselves a hole.  Again, made a comeback, I don’t know if we took the lead or not, but, a lot of guys played well in the second half.  A lot of guys gave great effort in the second half, and we’ll probably draw on that, reflect on that, and understand that we’ve got to do that for the full 48 minutes tomorrow night.”


(On coming back from the deficit and whether he saw scrappiness or execution by the players in the first half): “No, not tonight.  I think all the players, all of us would look at ourselves and say, we’ve got to be more active, more competitive—if ‘scrappy’ is the word you want to use, you have to be that and more in the first half individually and collectively.  And then you see in the second half when you do that, you can look and feel.”


(On attacking the basket even with Andre Drummond there): “Yeah, I thought the guys found a little better balance in the second half between attacking the basket and shooting some open looks.  I thought our offense didn’t help us in the first half either with the turnovers.  I felt like we were maybe turning down some open shots that were maybe then leading to turnovers eventually.  The second half, I thought it was a better balance of catch-and shoot threes, attacking the basket, and getting to the rim.  So the offense was a lot better second half.”


ATLANTA HAWKS GUARD KENT BAZEMORE: (On the scrappiness coming back from the deficit and how the second half was so much different): “We just played with a lot more intensity.  We started the game out kind of slow, and that’s kind of been our Achilles heel to start the season - get in a hole and fight our way back - that’s our identity. But we’ve just got to smarten up.  They are a team that’s been together for a while and they made some huge plays down the stretch and you’ve got to give them credit.”


(On if he feels they are not in the groove they need to be in): “Yeah for sure.  Everyone can see it. Coach (Mike) Bud (Budenholzer) does a great job of kind of reeling us in.  He’s coaching his tail off, and it’s fun to play for him.  So down the stretch, he’s competing as much as we are and whenever we do what he tells us, we get great results.  It’s just when we go off on our own, and try to recreate the wagon, we kind of get ourselves in trouble.”