Postgame Quotes - March 9, 2018

DETROIT PISTONS HEAD COACH STAN VAN GUNDY: (On difference in the third quarter compared to the Toronto game): “I thought our defense all night was pretty good.  We looked a step slow offensively and we didn’t take care of the ball great but we did get some offense going a little bit form the middle of the second quarter on.”


(On chemistry between Blake Griffin and Reggie Bullock): “I would say it’s two good players that know how to play basketball and that chemistry comes pretty quickly.  Those two guys have really developed a good chemistry.”


(On if there’s relief after this win before going on the road): “I’m about as happy after that one as I have been after the Warriors win; Houston win.  Seriously it was such a tough stretch it was great to get one.”


DETROIT PISTONS GUARD JAMEER NELSON: (On the importance of tonight’s win): “Especially at home; one thing you have to do if you want to be a good team is protect the home court and we haven’t been doing that or doing a great job at it lately. But tonight, going on the road for what five or six games, it’s really important to get out there and get that win.”


(On how the team focuses going forward): “It’s just one game at a time. You can’t go back and get at the games you played and you can’t get the games that are ahead of you. You just have to be in that moment, be in that moment and take care of that. It’s the only thing you can do.”


(On if the team still feels pressured to make a playoff push): “Our goal is to still make playoffs. It’s not even pressure. We’re prepared. I feel like if you’re not prepared then you’re putting pressure on yourself.”


DETROIT PISTONS FORWARD JAMES ENNIS:  (On how important it is to get a win):  “It’s a very good win tonight at home, just like I said, going on this road trip getting this win will give us confidence on the road.”


(On tightening up the defense after the first quarter): “We just collectively committed; just get three stops in a row.  We started doing that and that’s what brought the lead out more.”


(On what he’s seen from Blake Griffin over the last four games): “He wants to win, Blake wants to win; he’s a superstar you know. Just playing on the side of him is a blessing.  I’m just grateful to be here with a bunch of good guys on this team so we just have to continue to string some wins together.”


CHICAGO BULLS HEAD COACH FRED HOIBERG:  (On if tonight’s loss was due to effort): “No. I don’t think it had anything to do with effort.  I thought our guys came out and competed and got off to a great start. They called the first timeouts, if you were keeping track… So I thought we came out really well.”


(On if tonight’s loss was due to execution): “Well, obviously we missed a lot of shots. When you shoot 35 percent on the road, you don’t give yourself much of a chance – plus the turnovers. That was the one thing – I thought we got the ball stripped a lot. I thought we were going in there a lot, trying to attack. We got our shot blocked – ­­ I think we had 9 blocked, but I don’t think it had anything to do with effort. We held them under 100 points, so that’s a positive.”  


CHICAGO BULLS CENTER ROBIN LOPEZ: (On making a 3-pointer): “Yeah. It was nice to see that go down. Like you said, I practiced that shot – my teammates, the coaching staff, they had a lot of confidence in me. So, it probably helped the ball go in a little bit.”


(On how the team keeps their spirits up at this time of year): “That’s on everybody in the locker room.  We’ve got to make sure that we keep each other’s spirits up, we keep the energy up and palpable on the floor.”