Postgame Quotes - March 2, 2019



(On the game today): “Again, we played the game the right way. This team (the Cavaliers) is rebuilding. Whatever they’re doing as far as their program is concerned so we have to play our game. We played as well as we expected. I wouldn’t put anything into the amount of points or the point differential. Just again, we’re still in a situation where we need to continue to get better and I promise you, it’s not going to be that type of game tomorrow afternoon.”


(On if it was important to manage his starter’s minutes): “It was. But again, I was looking more just if we had to play our starters, I don’t know how many minutes, just to make sure we played the game the right way, same approach, because again we’re building something that our culture and how we want to play, our identity. If we had come out half-stepping, it would’ve been a different story but our guys came out with a professional approach, the right approach, the right amount of respect for how this team (the Cavaliers) has been playing. Again, we accomplished what we wanted to do.”


(On Luke Kennard today): “I loved the way he was aggressive with his shot in the first half. We had to get on him a little bit. He eased into it in the second half a little bit but again, he’s growing. He’s a second-year kid. Really like the way he was aggressive offensively and took the right shots. He’s growing right in front of our eyes.”




(On the satisfaction of being able to watch the game with a big lead): “Yeah, it was fun watching Luke (Kennard) come home and play the way he did. He played great. Overall, I think it was a great team win. I think everybody on our team was positive in the plus-minus… When we play like that, we’re a very tough team to beat.”


(On playing again tomorrow): “(We) got to get some rest. It’s a quick turnaround. Playing today at five and tomorrow at six, going to go home and get as much rest of possible. Get ready for an early game tomorrow and come out and get a win.”




(On being able to get some of their starters rest): “Most definitely. We put together a full game and just to be able to do that, I mean, we played like we should be playing so we got out to a great lead, able to maintain it and we got some of those guys some rest. It was good.”


(On their offense today): “It feels good… We played good basketball tonight. I thought we got great shots. Made great plays and we moved the ball. We were connected on offense and got open shots. Guys just hit them.”


(On if this loss can be chalked up to not having Kevin Love and Ante Zizic): “It hurt us. Minus four big men against a Detroit team is going to be a tough task. I was more disappointed with the way we played. I just don’t think we played with the urgency and togetherness that I’ve been seeing us play with the last three or four ball games prior to this one. I thought we took a step back in that area. The bad news is we did not play well tonight. The good news is that we have less than 24 hours to redeem ourselves, so we’re going to put this one behind us and start thinking about tomorrow.”


(On how the team puts tonight behind them with a quick turnaround tomorrow): “Very simple, this is the NBA, you play back-to-backs all the time. You know going into a back-to-back, regardless of whether you win or lose the first one, you have to bounce back the second night. That’s our mindset. I’m disappointed how we played, but as I told the guys we’re not going to play well all the time, we’re not going to be on top of our game all the time and we’re not going to make shots all the time. When we don’t, we just have to be ready for the next one and that’s exactly what we are going to do.”




(On what they were missing in tonight’s game): “Energy. Definitely the energy was the most important thing we missed tonight. We didn’t have big Z (Ante Zizic) and K-Love (Kevin Love), but that can’t be an excuse. We played bad. It was a bad night for everybody, but the good thing is that we have a new game tomorrow. We have to bounce back and play better.”


(On the lack of togetherness and toughness tonight): “I think everybody was a little bit tired. After the All-Star break, we really showed a huge effort during those four games. I think we were a little bit tired, but of course, that is not an excuse because the other teams are playing games too. We have to be better and we’re a team that normally plays with high energy. We didn’t have that tonight. Hopefully, we can be back tomorrow with higher energy and playing better.”


(On if the team had a lack of belief they could win without Kevin Love): “No, we played a lot of games without Kevin. I think, tonight, it was just a tough night…We didn’t contest their shots. It was all easy shots and it’s a playoff team. It’s a good team, a good defensive team. I think we did play better in the second half, but that first half was really tough for us. Hopefully we’ll be better tomorrow.”




(On what was missing tonight): “A hit-first mentality. They kind of came out and punched us right in the mouth early. Reggie Jackson, I think he started five-for-five or something like that. It was really hurting us, and it just continued with Luke Kennard and obviously those two bigs (Blake Griffin and Andre Drummond) are tough to handle. So I think it was just a lack of aggressiveness.”


(On the lack of energy): “Not pleased with it, from top to bottom. It’s easy to point fingers and blame one another, but that’s certainly what I thought we did tonight. There was a lot of finger pointing and I thought we took a step back. Even without Kevin (Love), it shouldn’t have been a 40-point game, and we’ve got to look in the mirror tonight and come back tomorrow with a better attitude.”


(On what the team needs to improve on ahead of tomorrow’s game): “Short answer, everything. Mainly defense – they got whatever they wanted. Whatever they wanted. And the rebounding – granted, this team is an awesome rebounding team – but we certainly could’ve done a better job with that. I thought we were pretty selfish. So I would say overall, unselfishness.”


(On how hard it is to bounce back after a big loss): “Not that hard. It’s a home-and-home. If I could play game right now, I would, just to get that sour taste out of my mouth. So I know we’re all chomping at the bit to get this one going tomorrow and I can guarantee you’ll see a better effort.”