Postgame Quotes - March 12, 2014

Pistons vs. Raptors

Detroit: John Loyer | Greg Monroe | Josh Smith

Toronto Raptors: Dwayne Casey | Demar Derozan | Amir Johnson

Pistons Head Coach John Loyer

(On slow start to the third quarter): It was a seven point game at the half, we came right out and turned it over a couple of possessions, didn’t get shots at the rim. It’s still a five point game to start the fourth. We weathered a few storms, didn’t play particularly well but it wasn’t like we were out of the game. Then I really thought they dominated us on the boards. We’re one of the best rebounding teams in the league and we didn’t consistently block out, we weren’t the most physical team which led to a lot of second shots. They out-competed us in the lane tonight.

(Thoughts on the high turnover count): For us, over these last 14 games, we’re averaging 11. We’ve done it, and have been second in the league. So just to come out and turn it over the way we did and not get good shots hasn’t been our M.O. and we had enough transition possessions and just came up empty on quite a few of them.

(Thoughts on the turnovers): Some of them were passed directly out of bounds, sometimes on the break. Instead of making the simple play we tried to make the home run play. That number needs to be in the 11-12 range for us to win the game, and we didn’t do it tonight.

Pistons Center Greg Monroe

(Were the turnovers tonight forced turnovers or were you rushing): I think it was a little bit of both. We definitely had a lot of unforced turnovers where we kind of just mishandled the ball. They were able to get some hands on the ball too when we were driving the ball, stripping and things like that.

(Thoughts on the play of Toronto): They play well together. They move the ball and they make a lot of mid range shots. Tonight they just had too many offensive rebounds. I think that was the difference in the game.

(Were you kind of feeling on a bit of a roll after the third quarter): I think we had the momentum going into the fourth quarter but like I said, we missed a few shots at the rim early and they made a couple of shots in the first few possessions too.

Pistons Forward Josh Smith

(What was the key to Toronto limiting your offensive rebounds?) I think they made a conscious effort on putting a body on our bigs and myself. They were able to limit us to one shot tonight.Thoughts on the play of Amir Johnson and Jonas Valanciunas…They’re hard workers. All their bigs that come in and start play hard. They have high motors and we knew that coming in. We weren’t able to match their intensity.

(Thoughts on turnovers): I don’t know it happens throughout the course of the season. You aren’t going to play perfect basketball and tonight was just a night where we turned the ball over a little more than we expected.

Raptors Head Coach Dwayne Casey/b>

(Thoughts on the play of the bigs) They did a good job. I thought they were battling and our guards came back in, what we call ‘cracking down’, and cracked down to helpthe bigs. I thought that was huge, it’s a five man job. I thought our guards came in and did a great job of helping out.

(Thoughts on the game): I thought our second unit was playing in mud a little bit. We needed to keep the pace going, I thought the paced slowed down, and that’s the group that really gave us a boost in Brooklyn the other night. For whatever reason, tonight we got stagnant and lost a couple leads and that’s something we have to work on. We need to keep the pace up, once we do have subs, as long as Patrick (Patterson) is out.

(Thoughts on the strong rebounding effort): I thought the guards came back in and did a good job of helping out, putting a body on guys, sandwiching their bigs and cleaning up the lane. I know Grievis Vasquez had eight rebounds and all those were defensive. He did a great job, coming back and helping on the defensive boards

Raptors Guard Demar Derozan

(Are you concerned about your minutes?) No, not really. I definitely take care of myself. I sometimes come in late at night to do the ice tub and stretch. I always take care of myself the best way I can so I always feel fresh. I started doing it later in the season last year, realizing that when you play a lot of minutes you have to take care of yourself. You have to eat right, get the right amount of rest and do all the little things that I never used to do.

(How important was the start of the fourth quarter?) It was definitely big. We just all came together and told ourselves that was their run. They made the push, now it’s our turn to turn it upon both ends and put the game away.

Raptors Center Amir Johnson

(How important was the team effort on the boards tonight?) That was definitely one of the keys. We had to box out. Drummond’s (Andre) numbers are incredible. I think 350 offensive rebounds, and he averages five a game. We looked at all the stats and that was definitely the key to get those guys off the boards.

(Thoughts on coming back with win): We had a tough loss in Brooklyn, it was coming off a back--to-back. We had a day off and we knew that Detroit had a back-to-back so we definitely wanted to emphasize our energy. We went over our scouting report and our keys were to box out, and push the tempo.

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