Postgame Quotes - January 7, 2019

DETROIT PISTONS HEAD COACH DWANE CASEY: (On if he left Andre Drummond out in the beginning of the second quarter to mix up the second unit): “Yes, they brought (LaMarcus) Aldridge back in and we were matching with Aldridge and wanted to make sure we had a body on him. I thought Andre (Drummond) did a good job staying down and staying disciplined. He got him a couple times in the first quarter with the pump fake, but we needed his body in there that's why we changed it up. We're losing out on sorts with Zaza (Pachulia) out and Ish (Smith) out, so we are trying to keep a Band-Aid on it until they get back.”

 (On how big of a concern it is that the Pistons might not get back into the playoffs): “Well again, we don't know, it is a lot of big games to be played. What our we out, one game I think it is, so it's a lot of basketball still to be played. Believe me we are nowhere near throwing in the towel yet. Starting over, I have done that before and it took a little while. We are further ahead than that, but we are not a finished product and believe me we are not out of the playoff race yet, by any means. So I haven't even thought about that.”

 DETROIT PISTONS GUARD REGGIE JACKSON: (On what the challenge is when you face San Antonio): “They played well, and they played well together. They played with a great pace in the half court on offense and defensively they tried to do a great job at sniffing out what the team wants to do.”

 (On how tough it is to cover the entire floor): “It comes down to will. It's tough to guard anybody any night.” 

 (On what San Antonio did to seize momentum): “They got stops and made some shots. We have to do better.”

 DETROIT PISTONS CENTER ANDRE DRUMMOND:  (On things that he is encouraged about after tonight): “We did start the game very well, but we didn't sustain it throughout the game. We got to figure out how to string together more stops throughout the second half and get ourselves going after halftime and we will get more wins.”

 (On how big of a loss it is for the second unit without Ish Smith and Zaza Pachulia): “They are missed, I have to get adjusted to being out there with the second unit. Trying to figure out what those guys are doing and where I need to be on the floor to get guys in the best position to be successful. If it happens again, I’ll watch film and I'll know what  I need to do better to help those guys out.”

 (On how fine the line is in trying to get the extra pass opposed to taking what shot is available): “I think we did a good job with moving the ball around today. We got ourselves into tough situations with the shot clock, but just finding that open shot and taking it when it is available.” 

 SAN ANTONIO SPURS HEAD COACH GREGG POPOVICH:(On what the guys did well tonight): “I thought after the first quarter we competed well. We played sharper and executed better, we had a poor first quarter but I thought we pulled it together and focused pretty well after that.”

 (On Davis Bertans' growth): “Absolutely, he's not just a three-point shooter. He can drive it, he's finding people after he drives it, which is a big sign of development for him. It's important that he keeps doing that because it makes him more of a complete player.”

 SAN ANTONIO SPURS GUARD BRYN FORBES:(On this team versus his team in college): “It's a little bit different. College is a lot different than the NBA. I wouldn't say you're a lot tighter, but you're around a lot more. Here everybody’s got kids and lives. I mean we are still close, but it's not like being in college when we're all kids and it's just different.”

 (On playing in Detroit here tonight): “This is my third time, it was enjoyable. I love coming back here and it's always enjoyable being home.”

 SAN ANTONIO SPURS FORWARD DAVIS BERTANS:(On habits from home showing up on the road): “I think that it's becoming more consistent every night. We still make plenty of mistakes, but we're still going to play a lot better. Night by night I think the mistakes are less, if we make the mistake we already know what we did wrong. There's no question about that.”

 (On Pau Gasol being where he’s at in his career): “He's always positive. That's really big for him, I know it's hard to watch the games on the sidelines knowing that you can help but he is handling it well. I know he would love to play a lot of minutes and help that way, but at the same time he's helping everybody. He's basically like another coach that can still play.”


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