Postgame Quotes - January 6, 2018

DETROIT PISTONS HEAD COACH STAN VAN GUNDY:  (On limiting Houston’s offense): “I don’t know. Third quarter we took a lot of things away. We certainly took free throws away. They don’t get as many without (James) Harden anyway, but we took the free throws away. We didn’t foul. In the third quarter at least, I thought we took the layups away. We’re struggling on the boards. We’re not rebounding the ball well at all, but we did take those things away and they didn’t shoot the three well, so that was good. After the first part of the game, they didn’t shoot the three well.”


(On players like Dwight Buycks and Eric Moreland fighting for opportunity): “I say it all the time, there’s three guys, four guys, maybe on some of the top  teams in the League five or six guys, but not a lot more that, who can just be successful anywhere. They’re just that good. Then from the bottom nine or 10, on an NBA roster down into the G League, it’s a matter of situations. You get the right situation that fits your skills and talents and you get an opportunity to play, it can all go well. And some guys don’t. Look at what Gerald Green has done lately and he was sitting without a job three or four weeks ago. There’s a lot of guys that can play if given the opportunity. You see guys like Eric (Moreland) tonight. I look down at the box score, Eric only had eight, but still a career high for Eric Moreland, career-high points for Dwight Buycks, those were two guys who fought for jobs in Summer League. That’s what they were doing, fighting for jobs in Summer League and now they’re playing the Houston Rockets and playing well and winning a game. I think coaches are always really, really happy for guys like that who have to fight to get an opportunity and then take advantage of that opportunity and play well.”


DETROIT PISTONS GUARD REGGIE BULLOCK: (On adjustments made to keep the Rockets under control): “We pretty much had to do both: we had to be able to control the pick-and-roll and be the low man and be able to get out to shoot it. It’s a great shooting team. They put up a lot of threes. We just had to be able to do both. The team’s turned into that, being able to shoot a lot of threes. Both teams are going to have to adjust to do both, we just had to lock in and do everything a lot harder.”


(On the Rockets 15-5 run): “We just had to continue to stay locked in and continue to play how we came out in the second half. Pretty much like coach said, for 18 minutes of the second half how we locked in on the defensive end. They started making a lot of shots, we had to try to get back to that and at the same time and get back some offensive buckets and continue to extend the lead.”


DETROIT PISTONS CENTER ERIC MORELAND:  (On his first start tonight and what he brought to the game): “I was trying to bring energy for that whole amount of time. Obviously, I haven’t played that amount before. I was just trying to bring the same energy when I play five minutes or two minutes or nine minutes. That was my first time doing it, but it felt good out there and I’m glad we got a win.”


(On him bringing energy tonight): “We all brought energy tonight. Nobody could have done it by themselves. I think that we all showed energy tonight. I think that results in wins when we all come to play like that.”


HOUSTON ROCKETS HEAD COACH MIKE D’ANTONI: (On the spurts and intensity seeming to be hard to maintain): “Yes, I don’t know if we’re a tired team or what, but even starting the game, our offense flowed.  But, you’re only up six and I didn’t think the intensity on defense was there and sometimes that caused some tired legs or whatever.  So, we’ve got to regroup and get ready for the next game.”


(On if there were stretches during the third quarter where they reacted to shots not falling): “Could have. We try to tell them that it shouldn’t be that way, but sometimes, it does. If the ball’s not moving, it does affect you, but Championship teams, it doesn’t affect them and we’ve got to get to that.  It shouldn’t affect us. Also, we got stops, we were in transition, and everybody feeds off that, so it’s kind of a self-fulfilling prophecy if you’re not going to go hard, you’re not going to get the ball on offense.  The ball will find energy and if you don’t have it, it won’t work.”


HOUSTON ROCKETS GUARD ERIC GORDON: (On if it was one of those nights where it just wasn’t coming): “Yeah, it was.  We just couldn’t really get in the flow of knocking down shots.  I thought we battled pretty hard, but when you’re not knocking down shots, it’s kind of tough.  When you put out pressure on the defense and they’re playing fast, they just played.”


(On the ball movement and pace of the game): “Our ball movement is getting better over time, but tonight we really hadn’t moved the ball well.  It’s tough when you’re doing well and you’re not making shots, that makes it really tough and if we would’ve knocked down shots, we probably would have won this game.  We had a lot of good looks and threes, but we didn’t knock them down.  They’re a good, solid team so you’ve got to put the pressure on them.  You can’t miss too many wide open shots.”