Postgame Quotes - January 6, 2015

Pistons Head Coach Stan Van Gundy

(On the win…)

“That’s when you know as a coach that you had absolutely zero to do. We were just hoping on the last play to be with them and as they catch the ball to foul. They are either going to make one or two, we have a 20 (second timeout) left, we are going to run our play and try to win it or go into overtime. Brandon [Jennings] made a great play and D.J. [Augustin] had a great game.”

 (On the importance of the last few minutes of the second quarter…)

“It was huge. The first 18 minutes or so, they really played intimidating. Their speed was too much for us and we weren’t doing what we were supposed to do. They had 38 points in the paint in the first half. Everyone got concerned with their threes, which are important, but our whole idea is to keep the ball out of the paint and we didn’t do that at all in the first half.”

 (On the Pistons poise…)

“We are getting better. We showed really good resolve to stay with the game. If you stay in there, sometimes you get a break. We had a very good break at the end. We got lucky at the end. Our resolve to stay in the game right down to last few seconds was huge.”

 (On the Pistons defense in the third quarter…)

“We got contributions from a lot of people and I think the one thing that was good to see is that in the second half, we won it with our defense. This wasn’t a night where we made a lot of shots.”

 Pistons Forward Greg Monroe:

(On putting tonight’s win into words…)

“Just a great team win. We showed a lot of resiliency. Everybody stayed the course. We stuck together, came in and beat a really good team.”

 (On what was behind the comeback and the belief that they could comeback…)

“We just locked in on defense. In the first quarter, as a team we just didn’t play any defense, so we just locked in and started playing together. We were flanking in transition. It was a few different things. Like I said it was just a great team win.”

 (On how important it was to cut the lead to nine at halftime…)

“It was very important. We knew that going into halftime, we had to go in with a little momentum, especially after the way things were going. I think we kind of changed momentum at halftime and then in the third quarter we just rode that momentum and were able to take control of the game.”

 Pistons Guard Brandon Jennings:

(On having a rough night, but having amnesia for the final play…)

“Yeah, I mean I was really upset with myself because I missed those two layups that I thought I should have made. My shot wasn’t falling, but I just stuck with it. I was just like if anything on this last shot, I’m going to go to the rack and Dre (Andre Drummond) will probably clean it up for us.”

 (On the difference between attacking in transition and going with a set play…)

“Well, when I got the ball it was about seven seconds. Then, once I got to the front court I was open for the three, but I was like I’m not going to shoot the three. Then, once I saw Diaw (Boris Diaw) get on the outside I had a good opportunity to get passed him. I just shot the floater off the glass.”

 (On what it feels like to make the shot and get mobbed by his teammates twice recently…)

“It feels good. I’ve never been on a six-game winning streak in my career, so this is something new, but we’re still taking it one game at a time. It’s definitely something we can learn from tonight, especially at the beginning of the game. In the first quarter, we looked real flat. We didn’t really have our rhythm and we were down 18 at one point. But our second unit has been playing so well with this win streak we’ve been on and we definitely learned a lot tonight from the Spurs.”

Spurs Head Coach Gregg Popovich:

(On Tony Parker’s health…)

“He is healthy. He wanted to play, but I was being conservative. He had 13 minutes and that is good after resting as long as he did. I wanted to make sure he didn’t reinjure it.”

 (On the Spurs losing an 18-point lead…)

“This is not the first time in the history of NBA that anyone has given up a lead. It happens frequently in the league because there is a 24 second clock, people make shots and miss shots, and people turn it over. It is not remarkable at all. It is disappointing and you don’t like to be a part of it. I thought they out-competed us in the third quarter. I thought their aggressiveness and defense was really good. I thought the ball stuck with us and we didn’t move the ball on offense. I thought they really put it to us on the board with second-chance points and fast break points in the third quarter, and I thought they really manhandled us and just out competed us in the third quarter. We actually got back in the game in the fourth but we gave away 12 minutes for sure.”

 (On why he chose to foul at the end with the Spurs leading by three points…)

“Because I wanted to.”

 Spurs Guard Manu Ginobili:

(On Tim Duncan not playing a lot in the fourth quarter…)

“I really didn’t think about it. You are playing and you are trying to do your thing. Then the last time I went in I realized he wasn’t there. You are thinking about so many things. We made our big run. We played okay, or better in the fourth quarter.”

 (On missing six out of the last 10 free throws…)

“Yeah, very tough. So if you combine that with that turnover, and a few plays before that, we didn’t execute that well. Things like that happen against anybody. Things that you learn from, but we are learning a lot lately. We have got to start executing better and playing better before. Today we messed up, and late in the second quarter and whole third quarter we were kind of sloppy. It looked like they wanted it more, and we picked up, we did good in the fourth. But when games go to that last shot.”

 (On the final inbounds play…)

“Timmy (Duncan) had two options, Patty going to the corner and I was popping to off court. It was one of those plays, you got a split of a second to make a decision, and we don’t know we didn’t see it yet how they turned it over. But yeah it was pretty disappointing because then they run at us and made a runner, tough shot.”

 Spurs Guard Danny Green:

(On the third quarter scoring…)

“They outplayed us. The score shows they outrebounded us. They got a lot of opportunities, a lot of second chance points. I guess we turned over a little bit, but offensively we didn’t get great shots, we didn’t get good looks. Usually we move the ball and get some open, uncontested shots. We didn’t get as many as we would like to in that quarter. The biggest thing was energy. We didn’t get the 50/50 balls, they got every one of them and they got a lot of second chance points.”

 (On the loss…)

“Of all the losses this year, or last year too. It seems as if a little bit of minor mistakes here and there. We’re not where we need to be, where we want to be. We’re not able to close out the way we have in the past. That’s uncharacteristic of this team. Best thing about it is that it is early in the season still. We have to learn from what we have, pick it up and we have to be able to close out games. There’s no excuses for it.”