Postgame Quotes - January 31, 2019

DETROIT PISTONS HEAD COACH DWANE CASEY: (On Blake Griffin making the All-Star team): “I am happy and excited that Blake (Griffin) made the All-Star team, it was well-deserved. He’s been an all-pro for us and has helped us get every bit of the 22 wins that we have, so congratulations to him.” 

 (On if the game was more about missing shots or the teams approach): “I think it was approach. I don’t care who it is, you got to play with force in this league. If you don’t play with force, grit and heart, and you can’t play in cool mode, there is no such thing as cool mode in this league, especially in Detroit. When I grew up this is what this team stood for; hard-work, grit, grind, knock you on your butt and step on you on the way over, and we did not have that in the first half tonight. That’s what is disappointing, we got to play like that every night and we didn’t do it and that was disappointing. We’ll take the win, happy with that, we will take every one we can get, but until we develop that mentality it’s tough.”

 (On positives in the fourth quarter): “We’ll get to the positives. We had four turnovers in the second half, that was huge, that was a big positive. I thought our fight defensively in the fourth quarter was huge. It was a grind-it out, but it should have not gotten to that, that’s the problem. We can’t sugarcoat it in any way I would love to, but the four turnovers in the second half was the positive.”


DETROIT PISTONS FORWARD BLAKE GRIFFIN: (On the level of concern with this type of game when a team is depleted): “Yeah, I’ve been in some similar situations before where a team is missing some guys for one reason or another and you come out and you underestimate them and they play hard. A lot of those guys are getting their chance to play starter minutes. I don’t know that it was necessarily what they were doing tonight, I thought it was what we didn’t do that put us in that hole.”

 (On what it was that changed in the fourth quarter to pull out the win): “We just cared a little bit more which is not necessarily a good thing. I said it in here after the game, happy for the win, take the win and move on but this should feel like a loss, I don’t feel good right now. I hope this is how we feel collectively as a team and carry that on into tomorrow’s work and into our next game.”

 (On what he thinks may be the reason for the lack of motivation): “We missed some shots early, I don’t know what our shooting percentages were tonight but they weren’t good across the board. Under 40 total and it had to be worse from the three, that combined with maybe getting a little bit too lackadaisical early on. I don’t want to say we didn’t care, I think every guy in this locker room cares, those two things right there are bad shooting now and a little bit lackadaisical effort early on are killers in this league. Like I said we’ll take that win and move on but we can’t have that performance against anybody else.”


DALLAS MAVERICKS HEAD COACH RICK CARLISLE: (On the last few minutes of the game): “It was a great effort. We were very mentally tough, we hung in there, made plays. It was headed to being a very low scoring game from the beginning and it just comes down to a play here, a play there. So, I love the way we competed and just when we came up short. But obviously, a lot of positives.”

 (On how tough it was to handle Andre Drummond and Blake Griffin in the middle): “They’re tough, they’re physical. We were running into foul trouble with some of our bigs and it’s not that, they put you in that kind of a bind. They both played, Griffin and Drummond both played great.”


DALLAS MAVERICKS GUARD LUKA DONCIC:(On Kristaps Porzingis coming to Dallas and New York’s newest players): “I just can’t believe it, I’m surprised. He’s an amazing player, so we’re happy to have him and my relationship with Dennis (Smith Jr.) and Deandre (Jordan) is going to keep going. They are such amazing guys, so I’ll miss them for sure.”

 (On not being named to the All-Star reserves): “I mean, I was just excited to be in the talks to be there but it did not happen, and maybe next year.”


DALLAS MAVERICKS FORWARD HARRISON BARNES:(On hearing the news that 3/5 of the starting lineup had been traded): “I mean it’s difficult to hear that type of stuff especially off a game like last night. We had one of those great games where everything was clicking. You think, ‘maybe you can build off this and go from there’, to lose three starters like that, but obviously I enjoy playing with those guys. Dennis (Smith Jr.) has a bright future ahead of him. New York got their guy, they should have drafted him, and so they got their guy a few years later. Whatever happens with Wes (Wesley Matthews) and DJ (DeAndre Jordan), whether it’s New York or somewhere else, obviously any team is going to be fortunate to have guys like that. Veterans who are playoff tested and compete every single night and professional in every single way. So those guys will be missed.”

 (On Dallas’ newest acquisitions): “We’ll see how that all shakes out when they get here. I don’t know if they’ll be here on this trip or if we’ll meet them back in Dallas. But a lot of those guys, they’ve been league-wide, established players. So, it’s just a matter of trying to get them there and get them acclimated as quickly as possible, and go out there and win games.”


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