Postgame Quotes - January 27, 2018

DETROIT PISTONS HEAD COACH STAN VAN GUNDY: (On Oklahoma City’s big three and game): “Those guys all played really well, particularly (Russell) Westbrook. He was unbelievable. Their starting line up just dominated us. The thing is we have to try to do the things that are more within our control. I thought there were too many times where we didn’t get back, we can get back, we can do a better job of that. We did not do a good job on the boards. Twenty-four second chance points, that’s something we should be able to do a better job of. As good as they are defensively, we have to be able to take care of the ball better. Just very, very basic things. We thought going in those were the three biggest keys to the game and I don’t think we did a very good job on any of them. And then you’re dealing with, they’re making shots one-on-one on you and everything else, that’s hard against really talented guys. That’s hard and it makes it even more imperative that you take care of the things that you can take care of and we didn’t do that well enough tonight. I thought there were some positives. I thought at times our ball movement was pretty good, I thought offensively we were a little bit better than we have been, but we couldn’t get any stops against their starters. Our bench outplayed their bench, but it didn’t matter because their starters dominated us so badly.” 

DETROIT PISTONS GUARD LUKE KENNARD: (On biggest challenge tonight): “They are a really talented team. I think that we just didn’t take care of the little things and I think rebounding the ball. We didn’t stop their transition, with the players that they have, they made some tough shots on us. It was the little things that kind of got to us tonight.” 

(On if the Pistons were playing catch-up): “A little bit. When you get down in a game, and I know that we have this year and we’ve had some adversity in games and we’ve fought back. Tonight, we were able to fight back a little bit and cut the lead down but overall, you always try to climb back into the game. I think that we believed that we could get back into the game but when you’re trying to play catch-up ball, and we were playing against a really good team and it can be tough sometimes.”


OKLAHOMA CITY THUNDER HEAD COACH BILLY DONOVAN: (On Oklahoma City’s second unit and the closing out the game): “I felt bad a little bit for our second unit because we really tried to play the right way. We moved the basketball, I thought we generated a lot of really, really good looks. I did think in that fourth quarter, I thought our second unit got a little bit impacted by the fact that they weren’t making shots and we got good looks. I thought it bled into our defense. They obviously knocked in a few threes right there in a row. We needed to do a better job rebounding, we needed to do a better job scrambling and getting back in transition; quickly got them back in the game. I don’t think that was indicative power how that second unit played, they did do a pretty good job but we had a hard time scoring with that group. What they need to understand is, kind of what happened with Washington. There were some times there that we didn’t score well but we defended really well and got on the break. Overall, I thought that the starters came back and closed the game out. It was up and down and they were playing really, really well. Dre’s (Andre Roberson) situation probably took a lot out of us, took a lot out of the team. At that moment, seeing your teammate having to go off of the floor on a stretcher, I think we were up 23 or 24 at that point, and we lost a little bit there and rightfully so. We found a way to win and I think a win on the road is always good. We did a good job closing the game out.” 

OKLAHOMA CITY THUNDER CENTER STEVEN ADAMS: (On game after Andre Roberson injury): “You don’t link it to that. I wouldn’t link it to Andre being out. I will say they’re an NBA team and they made a run.  We kind of lapsed in a lot of things, especially the 3-point line.” 

(On potentially losing Andre Roberson): “He’s big part of our team and why we win. It’s a huge blow to us, but we’re going to have to rely on some of the players to step up.”