Postgame Quotes - January 25, 2015


(It didn’t seem like you were able to slow down Toronto on the defensive end?) No, our defence is terrible. It really is, it’s terrible.

(Thoughts on D.J. Augustin…) He handled the minutes fine and played well offensively. We played well offensively, we just played no defence. We couldn’t stop them at all. If you can’t win scoring 110 points then you don’t deserve to.

(Do you feel like the team feels they can strictly rely on offence to win games?) I don’t know, but we don’t dig in defensively, we just don’t. We are not committed enough on the defensive end of the floor. The Atlanta game we guarded well, but we had three straight games where we have not guarded. I don’t know if the guys, I know that they want to win, they are putting forth energy and effort, but I don’t know if they are willing to dig in defensively and do the hard work and put their bodies in front of people and on people and get the job done defensively. I don’t know, maybe they do we will see.

D.J. AUGUSTIN (35 points, eight assists)

 (What is your comfort level in the starting lineup?) When you come out early and play a lot of minutes you get more comfortable rather than coming off the bench I think is harder for any player. You get a rhythm quicker and you are able to play through that rhythm. I felt good tonight.

 (Are you going to have to get used to playing with the starting lineup?) Yes, definitely most of the time I am in there with the second unit and sometimes Andre (Drummond) comes with me a little bit. To be out there with all those starters it was a little different tonight. We made it through and we played well together.

 (You attacked the basket tonight…) I am going to continue to attack and be aggressive and find my teammates. That’s what coach wants me to do.

 GREG MONROE (21 points, 16 rebounds)

 (Do you rely too much on your offence right now?) Yes, we have to be better defensively. We are not getting the amount of stops we need to win the game. We play proper defence and we score 110 we should win that game. We know we have to get better on that side of the floor.

 (What is it about Toronto’s offence in particular, is it the pick and roll?) Not really, everybody runs the pick and roll. I just think we have to execute our position, our scheme on defence. We have to be where we need to be, we have our jobs individually and as a team, it will all come together.

 (Do you feel like you let it get away scoring 110 and D.J. Augustin has 35?) Yes, like I said we feel like we score 110 we should win that game so we have to find a way to get stops.


 (Thoughts on the starters finally getting it going…) We were concerned about the offence but not overly concerned.  It’s the defensive approach that you’re always thinking about as a coach.  Until those last few possessions I thought our defensive intensity was decent, we’ve had it the last couple weeks, and I knew our offence was going to come around.  DeMar (DeRozan) was going to find his legs at the right time and he did tonight.  I thought Jonas (Valanciunas) came in and gave us a good presence inside offensively, so I was really pleased with our overall offensive production. 

(Thoughts on the ball movement tonight…) The ball was great.  We had 23 assists and only eight turnovers.  The way we’ve been turning it over you would have thought we were IHOP.  But again, it’s about the journey, the mission, and the process.  Like I keep saying, we’ve had our ups and down, but we have to just continue to improve in a lot of areas. 

(Thoughts on the different offensive looks from Detroit…) They tried to do some different things pick and roll wise.  They tried to be a little different and it didn’t catch us off guard but it did hurt us a little bit.  Their three-point shooters spread us out and had us in rotation a lot.  They presented a lot of problems because they have those big monsters going to the basket.  Then they usually have either Brandon (Jennings) or (D.J.) Augustin out there slicing and dicing, so you’ve really got to pick your poison.  I thought our guys did a good job, except the last few possessions where we gave up some key plays and fell asleep a couple times.    

DEMAR DEROZAN (25 points, six rebounds)

(Thoughts on getting to the freethrow line...) I almost forgot how I used to get to the free throw line. It felt good. I just wanted to go out there and be aggressive. I came in last night and got some work in. I was just working on my rhythm and working on a lot of in game shots.

 (Thoughts on the ball movement...) It was definitely big. That's how we have to play. When we play together like that and get everybody going, we are tough to beat. That's how we played all last year and we have to consistently play like that. Sharing the ball with everybody and picking up the defence.

 KYLE LOWRY (11 points, eight assists)

 (Thoughts on the play of DeMar DeRozan...) I knew it was going to take some time. He isn't going to go out there and give it to you every single night when he first comes off an injury. He is starting to find a rhythm and get back in to a good feeling.

(How much does it help the team when DeMar DeRozan can get to the free throw line?) It's good. It gets us in the bonus early and gets everyone to the free throw line. It makes the other team lighten up and not foul as much.

 (Thoughts on your ball distribution tonight ...) DeMar (DeRozan), Amir (Johnson), G (Greivis Vasquez) and JV (Jonas Valanciunas) had it going and my job is to just do everything else to help our team win.