Postgame Quotes - January 24, 2018

DETROIT PISTONS HEAD COACH STAN VAN GUNDY:  (On turnovers): “Some unforced. I mean give their defense a lot of credit there, and they’re a great defensive team that forces a lot of turnovers every night. I’m not trying to make excuses for our guys, you can’t have 20 turnovers and, that was a huge part of the game, but let’s not take away all the credit from them. They are long, they are active; they got their hands on a lot of balls so I’d say some unforced, but certainly 20 turnovers makes it tough to win. The difference in the game are 20 turnovers and we went 9-for-47 outside the paint.”

 (On lineup down the stretch): “We stayed with what we thought was our best defensive line up other than AT (Anthony Tolliver) for Tobias (Harris). We stayed with what we thought was our best defensive line up and thought we could get the stops to win it but we didn’t score a bucket. It’s going to be hard to shut people out and then we just didn’t get the stops we needed. It was also hard, even I’m looking at it now, who are you going to get a shot for, other than Andre (Drummond). We were 27-for-80 other than him. There wasn’t really anybody else to go to there. Everybody struggled and again to be clear a good part of that was their defense. Just like I think a good part of their offensive problems was our defense. Both teams are pretty good defensive teams, played well defensively today and then they got out in transition and hit some threes in the overtime and we couldn’t make shots down the stretch in the fourth. We got, I thought, a great wide open look to win it in the fourth and I thought we got a great look to tie it at the end of overtime. It’s tough, really tough.”

 DETROIT PISTONS FORWARD ANTHONY TOLLIVER: (On taking this loss): “Just like the last time, they’re all difficult. Whenever you come out of that game on the losing side, no matter how it happens, it’s never fun. It’s never fun to take that, but especially, like I said, being in regulation and being in position where we are in a really good position, where we couldn’t get anything going down the stretch. They made some big plays and forced us into overtime. It’s tough, but to get one win in this league is not easy. Nothing is going to be handed to us. We’ve just got to go get it.”

 (On 20 turnovers): “Part of it is focus, part of it was their defense. We have to be more aware of how they’re playing us and just be able to make adjustments throughout the game. As players, that’s up to us. Obviously, coach can only do so much on the sideline. We just have to be better. It’s plain and simple, we just have to be better.”

 UTAH JAZZ HEAD COACH QUIN SNYDER: (On his team’s effort down the stretch): “I think we got stops defensively.  We were down there late and were able to string together some stops.  Joe Ingles hit some great shots. Derrick Favors was terrific. He did an unbelievable job defensively. It’s good to win. There were a few plays on the offensive end, we missed a couple layups and some open shots, but we made them when we needed to.”

 (On Ricky Rubio’s double-double and the effort he saw): “You said it. The 10 rebounds as much as anything.  (Andre) Drummond is such a force on the basket.  If Rudy’s (Gobert) tied up and contesting a shot, we knew our perimeter guys would have to step up on the glass. Ricky did more than help.”

 UTAH JAZZ FORWARD DERRICK FAVORS: (On Andre Drummond’s potential and how far they dug defensively): “We know that he’s a good player, a good rebounder.  He’s a big body in the paint, so it was a team effort.  As bigs, we did all we could to try to keep him off the glass and the guards came down and helped.  It was a team effort.”

 (On if there was a different mindset the team had coming into the game): “Yeah, we needed a win was the mindset.  We needed to play with some energy, get a win, and improve on our road record.  I think all the guys in here felt that and went out there and got a win.”

 UTAH JAZZ CENTER RUDY GOBERT: (On C Andre Drummond and the biggest challenge he presented): “Keep him off the glass was the main thing. He got a lot of easy baskets.  I think we all did a pretty good job.

(On blocking the last two shots at the end of regulation and what went through his mind): “Just trying to get the win.  Joe (Ingles)[and] Donovan (Mitchell) got screened, so I had to go take a shot.”