Postgame Quotes - January 16, 2019

DETROIT PISTONS HEAD COACH DWANE CASEY: (On the team's physicality tonight): “I loved our physicality offensively, I thought we set great screens. Our big guys did a heck of a job getting guys open and we need that. We don't have a guy that's going to break down anybody one-on-one, so we got to have help to get (Reggie) Bullock open, Langston (Galloway) open. I thought (Luke) Kennard came in and did an excellent job of running pick-and-rolls, scoring off his pick-and-rolls and I was really happy to see that from him. Again, I thought tonight the intensity, the focus we had, we say they shot 50 percent and I think they were 67 (percent) at halftime. But again, we found a way to bounce back and win the game.”  

(On the impact of Zaza Pachulia): “Zaza, he was like plus 16. We couldn't get him back quick enough; he's just a smart player. Again, you can have all the toughness and you can play hard, because I thought we played hard in Utah, but again you have to put IQ and decision-making with that and that's what we got to do, and that's what Zaza brings to the table.” 

(On what's been the most surprising about the team): “There is nothing surprising, I came into this with my eyes wide-open. This team hadn't been to the playoff in like four to five years, just because I walk in the door things are not going to change. I knew it was the same situation we were in in Toronto... it took time. It takes time, unless you are going to go out there and sign Larry Bird or Michael Jordan, to get your philosophy in, to work with players, to understand your philosophy, our coaching staff philosophy, schemes, and terminology... These guys are human, they are not computers you can't program it in. It is habits and repetition. To answer your question, my eyes were wide-open. Positive or negatives I knew all of them, and I am in for the long-run, the hard grind and it's not easy...But with these guys here we got a good base and some good young players. I love Bruce Brown, I love Khyri Thomas. Bruce (Brown) is one of the top defenders in our league, he is guarding every tough player in the league. We got Luke Kennard a good young player, and as much as I love to get on Andre (Drummond) I love him, he's still like 25. So they're young, and you put them in there with Blake Griffin and our core pieces are there and we just got to continue to win and earn the trust of the fans. The only thing the fans trust is winning, not how many points you score or how many all-stars you have, winning. I know that as much as anybody and that's what we want to do here.”  

DETROIT PISTONS FORWARD BLAKE GRIFFIN:  (On what was the key to tonight’s game): “Digging down defensively, we didn’t do a great job. I thought we were sluggish, which is understandable coming off this West Coast swing. But, we got some stops and executed. I think Dre (Andre Drummond) scored the first one in overtime, Reggie (Jackson) scored the second two, and then we just closed it out. But defensively, we were getting stops, forcing them into taking shots that we wanted, and we were rebounding well in overtime so it was great.”

 (On if they feel they’ve carried over some of the momentum from the Clippers game and Jazz game): “Yeah, I thought the Clippers game and the Jazz game, both, we played the right way and with the right spirit. We played tough, we played hard, so we carried that over a little bit. I think we were visibly a little tired tonight, but I still thought we played with the right spirit tonight, so that’s a good thing.” 

DETROIT PISTONS CENTER ZAZA PACHULIA:  (On his return from injury and getting Ishy Smith back): “It was great, especially beginning of the season, we had pretty good rest you know and that’s when we had everybody. This is a team where right now we’re not quite there to afford losing a player and everybody is so important to this team, you can see the games that we win are pretty close. Everybody is important, obviously we are working towards where if somebody goes down the next guy steps up, it’s a process and it’s going to take some time. It was great to see, right now it’s about getting back in 100% shape and get the dust off and start playing our game, how well we were when we beat Houston, the Warriors and the Rockets, all the top teams basically and the reason we beat them is because we were playing good basketball and we need to get back playing that kind of basketball.” 

(On building on the Clippers and Jazz games earlier this week): “It was so obvious, playing hard and this is something we know we have to bring every single night, if we play hard we are going to win so many games. Obviously if you have the talent and we play the right way being smart on both ends, like I said it’s a process of building the habits, the winning habits, we have some good guys the good habits, it’s going to take some time and we are working really hard form the coaches to the players, we are going to get there I’m sure.” 

ORLANDO MAGIC HEAD COACH STEVE CLIFFORD:(On how much Detroit’s offensive rebounds impacted the game): “That was the game. Listen, I just watched it, whatever the last 42 seconds, we were up two (points) and we get two stops, and they get three offensive rebounds and they score there to tie it. So their offensive rebounding hurt us during the game, but I mean, we’ve got to get one. We made two defensive plays, you’ve got to get a rebound.” 

(On what he saw with Nikola Vucevic in his pick-and-roll play at the end of the game): “It was a good play. Those shots, he’s not going to make every single shot. He’s made so many, so many big shots, he’s not going to make every one all year. I go back to if you score; they’re a good defensive team.  We had 109 on the road in regulation. If we defend the way we’re capable, we win the game. It’s got nothing to do with the offensive shot making.” 

ORLANDO MAGIC GUARD TERRENCE ROSS:  (On what he saw on the defensive end): “We didn’t play physically enough for a certain amount of time in the third (quarter). We got to the end of regulation, we got them back in the game.” 

(On if the team needs to get to a consistent defensive effort every night): “Yes. It was tough, especially on the road, but that’s no excuse. We’ve got to figure out a way to win that one.”


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