Postgame Quotes - January 15, 2018

DETROIT PISTONS HEAD COACH STAN VAN GUNDY:  (On free throw shooting and rebounding disparity): “We got crushed in the paint too. Sixty points in the paint for them, 40 in the second half on 20-of-27 in the paint. They crushed us on the glass. They crushed us in the paint and that gave them the disparity at the free-throw line. They were just going at us and we didn’t offer much resistance whatsoever. Six-point lead at the half and then the first three defensive possessions of the second half set the tone. We did nothing and then they just got rolling and we weren’t up for the task. Defensively, other than the Brooklyn game, lately we just haven’t been good. We’ve got to get back to defending or we’re not going to win. That’s what I told them after the game. It’s not going to change if we don’t guard. We’re down people, we’re not going to score 130 a game. The defense we are playing will not produce wins. If we keep defending like we defended today, we’ll keep losing.”

 (On Kemba Walker in the second half): “He was more aggressive. They screened for him well and our defense stunk.” 

DETROIT PISTONS GUARD AVERY BRADLEY: (On defending): “I think it’s something that we’ve been saying the last few games. We kind of saw the writing on the wall that if we’re not going to defend then we’re not going to win games on a consistent basis. That has to be our identity that has to be our mindset going into every game.” 

(On difficulty of the last nine games): “I think it’s the mindset. You have to be prepared and you have to make sure that you’re ready to go out there and do your job, play hard for one another and just have that defensive mentality. I felt like we were a little too worried about the offensive end. Guys aren’t able to play the way they want to and making shots and they’re letting it dictate how they defend on the other end of the floor. We can’t be like that as a team, we can’t just have one or two guys defending, it’s the entire team. We just have to be more consistent with it.” 

CHARLOTTE HORNETS ASSOCIATE HEAD COACH STEPHEN SILAS: (On second half): “Our ball movement was terrific in the second half. We started the game off, I don’t know if we were disappointed in the way we were playing, but we just weren’t playing together the way we should’ve. We talked about it halftime and the guys did a really, really good job of taking whatever advantage we had whether it was in the pick-and-roll or the post-up, we kept the ball moving and made shots. That’s the main thing: if you make shots you have a chance to do what we did.” 

(On his coaching stint): “I just told them on how much I appreciate them and how they made it easy for them to coach them because they had a decision to make. They could have either treated me as the substitute coach or someone who could really help them and they did the latter. I’m so appreicatative to them and everybody on the coaching staff, management, ownership, it’s been awesome.” 

(On Dwight Howard): “He did a great job on the one-on-one battle. We posted him some in the first half, but a lot of his points were created by others in the second half. He rebounded every ball that we needed and was really dominant on the inside. When he plays like that we’re pretty tough.” 

CHARLOTTE HORNETS FORWARD MARVIN WILLIAMS: (On what the team needs to do to keep this momentum going): “We played well today.  Just take a lot of things that we did well today and try to do those same things Wednesday. Obviously, try to clean up some of those things that we didn’t do well.  Washington’s a little bit different from these guys, but we really have to be locked in.”

 (On the matchup between Andre Drummond and how much of a lift it gave the team): “It was a huge matchup, literally.  Two of the biggest dudes in the League, two of the best rebounders in the League.  They’re both so physically strong, so physically imposing on their opponents.  The way Dwight (Howard) came out and tried to establish himself early (gave us a lift).  (Andre) Drummond can be a load down there, but Dwight was definitely ready for the challenge.”