Postgame Quotes - February 25, 2018

On staggering the lineup:
“Well were just having so much trouble when we go to the bench. And we were playing decent there for a while sop
we tried to run it out. And then we end up with all five bench guys in there and it collapsed and we couldn’t get it
On resting Blake Griffin and DeAndre Drummond at the same time:
“I intended to stagger it more, we were playing decent and I decided to just go a long with it.”
On playing Dwight Buycks tonight:
“Yeah I mean we were so far behind I just decided to play him. I thought he played well.”
On playing Langston Galloway instead of Luke Kennard:
“Exactly right. That’s what we’re trying to get we just haven’t been getting much out of that position. Both those guys
struggling, I thought we’d go the other way. Langston had a couple good practices at the end of last week. We
considered doing it for Boston and didn’t so we gave him a shot tonight.”
On if the bench was the reason for the game getting out of hand:
“It’s not just to the bench. It’s not a matter of message. They’re not playing well. Tonight they played with a lot more
energy and a lot more intensity than we did. That’s the game. And that’s not just our bench or anything else. That’s
to a man down the line. So let’s not lay it on four or five guys that was a team-wide thing tonight. We don’t deserve
to be singling guys out. It’s me, it’s our coaching staff, and it’s the entire team today. So were not going to single
people out.”

On if he thinks there was a lapse in energy from the team today:
“No I thought we got off to a pretty good start in the fourth. But they played well. [They] were flying around, made
shots. I think we kind of weathered the storm in the third and I think we might have been too far behind the eight
ball. The fourth quarter guys closed the game out and made it respectable. But that second quarter they kind of
blitzed us. They played hard, played well, flying around the court, hitting shots. And like I said we were just kind of
too far behind the eight ball in the third to kind of catch up.”
On what the Hornets are doing well:
“Out there were just not even thinking about it. Guys were just catching and shooting and letting it fly. Shooting it
with confidence. We’re ahead doing what were supposed to do, I know, early. I allowed a couple rolls from Dwight
to get behind us in the first. But other than that it was just them kind of springing out, catching and shooting and
knocking it down with confidence. I think half of the time we’re there. But coach is going to go over some film. For
the most part I think we were there and they were just knocking them down. So we have to do a better job of closing
out and getting to shooters. But they’re NBA players too.”

On why they gave up 38 points in the second quarter:
“Effort. There was no effort when we came out of that first quarter. Second quarter again decided the game. They
came out and had a great second quarter before halftime. Honestly this needs to stop. We can’t keep going
games where we’re down by 15, 20 before halftime and then try to make a fight to come back. It’s the NBA, teams
are going to keep going, they’re going to stay hot when they get themselves going. The sooner we figure it out, the
better for us. We still have a chance to make some noise for the rest of the season, so we’ve just got to pick up our
energy and effort and we’ll figure the rest out itself.”
On how they were able to make a run in the second quarter to get within 16 point:
“That’s the kind of team that we are. We have a team full of fighters. Obviously like I said when a team like that is
getting themselves going so early in the game, it’s going to be tough to come back. We didn’t have enough to get
over that hump and they brought the game back up to 20.
On the Hornets being tough to defend tonight:
“I just think that guys weren’t pulling in and it made my job really tough. I kind of had to gauge how hard I had to be
up on the pick-and-roll and how quickly I needed to retreat to get back to Dwight [Howard] because he rolls really
quick. Also you’ve got to stop Kemba [Walker] too because when he comes downhill he’s a hell of a scorer too, so
it kind of made my job really hard tonight. But you can’t blame anybody, just tough matchups for everybody to
really handle. When they were swinging the ball to the corner and knocking down threes, when they were coming
down hill and throwing lobs to Dwight, if I stayed up too high Kemba is shooting wide open. They were just hitting
on all cylinders so it was a tough night overall for all of us.”


On today’s game:
“Our starters were really good to start the game and obviously Detroit missed some shots too and we then we broke
up the lineup in the first half and our bench was terrific. I think about as good of probably five or six minute
sequences that they’ve had all year so we were able to play with a big lead. The second half was good but that
team is not going to give up and obviously it was a good win.”
On if he reminded the team that they could win the tie-breaker with a win tonight:
“No, the thing that I talked to them about, and I really believe this to be true, is about where we’re at. They knew
coming in today that we’re four and a half out. I talked to them about the numbers. We have one of the easier
schedules left, which in this league to be honest there is no easy games so I don’t know how big of a deal that is.
It’s still about making progress. The parallel that I keep using to them is that last year at the All-Star break we had
24 wins and Milwaukee had 25. They came back and went two for three then 14 and 4 and they ended up seven
so there are a lot of ways to look at it. I think the way the older players look at it is they understand we have to play
well. We have a quarter of our season left and in that time a lot of thigs can happen. There can be an injury or it
can be whatever but it’s going to be the teams that play better. That’s the way it always is. It’s the teams that make
progress from here until the end and get a little better which is what I’m excited about. In these three games we’ve
played well. It’s the first time all year that we’ve won four in a row and they were against good teams. We played
well. It’s not like we just stepped into a win. We’ve played well.”


On the bench’s play lately:
“I think we just figured out how to trust each other and we’re moving the ball on offense, everybody is being
unselfish and then defensively we’re all clicking and moving as a unit. It took us a long time, but I think we’re there
and we’re playing pretty good ball, but we just want to sustain it.”
On what the second unit is doing well:
“I think throughout the game we’re really nit-picking our mistakes, we try to play almost perfect out there because
we know that we don’t get as many minutes as the starters do, so when we’re out there we want to do everything
right. Towards the end, even towards the end of the game tonight when we’re up a lot if we make mistakes on the
defensive end we’re getting on each other. We just want to be the best that we can be… encourage each other to
make the right calls and be in the right position at the right times.”
On his offensive improvement:
“I’ve just been getting comfortable in the offense. The guys are, like I said, we’re all trusting each other. I’m getting
to the lane and just trying to knock down the open shot and getting to the line, you know most importantly I’m just
trying to find my teammates. They’re doing such a good job of spacing the floor that I get to get in the lane.”
On the team’s mindset towards the playoffs:
“We talk about it. We’re definitely trying to make a push for the playoffs and we know we have to win a lot of games
and we’ve got to get some luck also. So we’re just trying to handle our part and go into each game and give it our
all and try to win.”

On team’s performance:
“I think it’s the way we have played the last four games. The way we start the games is pretty good with more
attention on defense, and the second unit is huge for us. The bench guys that came in with the same intensity on
offense and defense, we have been good so far.”
On what has got the team going offensively:
“I don’t know, I think we move the ball better, we set better screens, I think we have more and more assists the last
four games, on the winning streak. Dwight is inside, Kemba is heating it up … the last four games, we are making
shots right now and that is better.”
On attention to details:
“Of course, that’s the key, that’s the key. Details, you have to set the screens, move the ball, make the extra pass.
We have to find the guys. We all can score one on one, you score, but when you play as a team that is what
happens we are good right now.”
On today’s game:
“Coach tells us all the time that these one o’clock afternoon starts there are more blowouts in these games than any
other ones, just because it’s kind of different routines for everyone, it’s just really whoever comes out and has more
energy, he really preaches that to us before every one of these afternoon games and it made the difference. We
came out in that first half and got them out of their rhythm.”
On the bench’s play:
“The second unit was kind of finding it’s rhythm. It’s a combination of, Frank has played really well, been shooting
well which spreads the court and really allows Jeremy [Lamb] and MCW [Carter-Williams], some of those guys to
get to the rim through the corner, so that second group is playing well right now.”
On the current win-streak:
“It’s been maybe the best three or four games that we’ve played all season just because we’re starting to put it
together, especially on the defensive end, everyone is tied together. I think the All-Star break was good for us to
kind of reset and we’re playing well so hopefully we keep it rolling.”