Postgame Quotes - February 19, 2013

(On game): “I think it started the last three minutes of the first quarter. You look at the gap, 25-16 with 1:40 left from that point on, everything was on their terms. You look at the game as whole, they score 44 points on extra possessions or turnovers, which were obviously a big problem. After that 62 points in the paint, 30 points on the break, 34 points off pick-and-roll. The game changed in the second quarter. Turnovers, not moving the ball and defensively giving up easy paint scores. Once we lost the lead, they totally became the instigators and aggressors. To me, Tony Allen and Quincy Pondexter changed the whole game just by playing hard. When we subbed back in, we never trusted the pass, our effort started to wane. The third quarter they score six straight like that. Tony Allen, slash-cut, Tony Allen offensive rebound, Zach Randolph gets an offensive rebound. It was a very, very disappointing effort, other than the initial start. You score 30 points against the second best defensive team, we had nine or 10 assists, the ball was moving, we took care of the ball and then it was the total opposite.”

(On losing momentum): "They got on the break more. Coming into the game we knew we would have to make the right decisions and make crisp passes. In the first half, we were making the right plays and making sure they didn't get out on the break and make easy buckets. We lost that focus in the second quarter."

(On Memphis comeback): "It was definitely disappointing. Obviously, it was a tough game for us. Especially with the start we had. We just lost the intensity we were playing with, the focus. We knew what we had to do coming into the game, we know how they play. They are an inside-out team, and we knew we had to limit their second chance points, whether it was turnovers or offensive rebounds. We didn't do a good job of that."

(On game): "I thought it was a pretty complete win. After the first quarter they scored 30 points. We were turning the ball over and giving up offensive rebounds. From then on out we dominated the game. We outscored them in the middle two quarters 62-30, which was huge. We were in complete control the fourth quarter, so it was a good win."

(On Mike Conley): "I thought when we had him (Mike Conley) and JB (Jerryd Bayless) in the game together and with Tayshaun (Prince) handling the ball more he seems to get more open shots. When you are the facilitator it is hard to get a lot of shots unless you are just coming off and shooting. When you are away from the ball and the ball comes to you then you have more opportunities."

(On playing at the Palace): “Wonderful experience to come back and play. See some familiar faces and have the opportunity to talk to them a little bit. Obviously I’m glad we got a win after All-Star break when we had a week off. It’s a good win for us.”

(On putting closure to trade): “I put closure to it after the first game I played when I realized, ‘Man I’m in another uniform.’ But after I got more comfortable with these guys and played a second and third game, that was closure for me in itself. But I think those guys, what they did for me and my family, I don’t hold any grudges whatsoever. It was a great time. You never want to end anywhere on a bad note, as we all know, nobody wants to do that. It’s definitely unfortunate, but like I said, I love all those guys. I have great relationships with everyone, and it’s a situation where it’s time for me to start a new chapter.”

(On fan’s support): “I expected it, for the simple fact of what they’ve done for other guys that were here. Definitely appreciative. I knew the fans would be appreciative; they were always appreciative when I was here. Just a fun night for us. Like I said, I wish I would’ve played a little better, but my team stepped up for me and they played great. Things come and go so fast, All-star break and I’m looking forward to this game, and now it’s over. So things happen fast, but I talk to those guys all the time, everyday, when they play and when we play, we always keep in contact. So those definitely are my brothers over there.”