Postgame Quotes - February 12, 2018

DETROIT PISTONS HEAD COACH STAN VAN GUNDY: (On defense and energy): “You all saw them, we were terrible defensively. That was a part of it. I didn’t think we really did anything very well. They’re a good offensive team. (Jrue) Holiday and (Anthony) Davis both had really good offensive nights. We had a hard time guarding either one of them. Now Davis, to me, we gave him some rolls to the basket, but he hit a lot of jump shots over the top which he’s capable of doing. There’s at least a half of a dozen of those shots, where if I put that up on film for our guys I’d say that’s really good defense, and he makes them. So there’s some of that too, but when you’re not back in transition, when you won’t put your body between the ball and the basket. We weren’t physical enough or tough enough, it was a disappointing night coming off a bad defensive night last night. I would’ve expected a little bit more commitment than what we had.”

 (On needing the All-Star break): “We have a game Wednesday. Enough with that, you can’t just limp into the break. We need to get a win and keep ourselves as close in this thing as we can to have a chance to make a run. I told them after the game, my brother has a saying that he puts to me all the time and its absolutely true in our case right now which is “You’ll win when you deserve to win” and we haven’t deserved to win the last couple of games. When you don’t bring the defense and the fight, guys will own up now after the game. There were four, five, six loose balls when nobody goes on the floor. There are three or four times we don’t get back and people are behind us defensively. Times when we’re not pulling in on the roll man, those things are inexcusable when you’re trying to win and it’s really hard for me because I’m not one of those guys where I’m doing a great job and they are not playing well. I have a hard time watching that as a coach that we haven’t gotten our guys playing better and harder defensively than we have the last couple of games. I thought we went through a stretch where we fought really hard and that’s what’s hard for me to understand. Is it fatigue? I don’t know and it’s a lot of new guys I get it, but like the Portland game I thought we were terrific defensively. I thought we fought hard and really did a good job so it’s not that we’re not capable and it’s not that we have a bunch of guys that just don’t ever play hard. We just haven’t gotten it done the last two games. This isn’t a season long thing it can be turned around but we have to do it.”

 DETROIT PISTONS CENTER ANDRE DRUMMOND:  (On what’s needed for the team to win): “I think we just really need to get back to focusing on defense. I think we allowed, including myself, we allowed our offensive play, our frustration of missing shots and just different things going on throughout the game to really get away from our defense. That’s kind of what we anchor ourselves on. If we don’t get stops on defense, obviously it’s not going to translate to offense. The sooner we get better with that, the sooner we’ll start winning games.”

 (On how to be effective defensively): “Those effort plays that we haven’t been making, loose balls on the ground and nobody’s been diving for them. It’s just a toughness thing. We’ve got to get back to playing tough and just playing winning basketball really is what it is.”

 NEW ORLEANS PELICANS HEAD COACH ALVIN GENTRY: (On game): “I thought we defended number one, we had a couple of lapses in the transition defense. Overall, I thought we did a good job defensively. I thought we did a great job moving the basketball, 31 assists. I think any time that you get to the 30 assists mark, I think we had 44 baskets, 31 assists. That’s a really good number. I thought we followed the game plan and did a really good job with that. We wanted to take away Reggie (Bullock’s) 3-point shot, because he’s the leading 3-point shooter in the league. We tried to do that, and then we knew that we’d have to try to do everything we could to rebound with these guys and that was the key. I thought we did a good job in that area other than (Andre) Drummond ended with eight offensive rebounds, but I think he gets eight offensive rebounds against most people.”

 NEW ORLEANS PELICANS EMEKA OKAFOR:  (On starting): “It was awesome.  It feels good just to be back in whatever capacity. Me being able to start tonight was awesome. I’m able to contribute to the win and it felt good.”

 (On fitting in with the Pelicans): “Just paying attention, just paying attention like no other. It was a very interesting position being in the 10-day (contract) and everybody’s been very accommodating. Coach will say, ‘Hey man if you need to know the plays just let me know.’ The video guys have been giving me the play book or the video plays and the players have been talking me through whatever needs to be talked through so it’s been a pretty strong collective effort just helping me get comfortable.”

NEW ORLEANS PELICANS: (On if the matchups tonight favored him against a smaller Detroit Pistons team): “I don’t think they were smaller.  They’ve got Stanley (Johnson) who’s a big guard, Blake (Griffin) and Andre (Drummond) who are two big guys around the rim.  They didn’t favor us, we just went out there and just played.  It was a tough game last night against Atlanta and they just wanted to come out and play with a lot of energy.”

(On C Emeka Okafor and the job that he came in and did): “He did a good job.  He was able to rebound the basketball, set screens for us and block some shots.  He was tough on the defense down there, banging with Andre.  He did a good job for us.  We like what he did, and we’ll see what happens next game.”

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