Postgame Quotes - December 8, 2017

DETROIT PISTONS HEAD COACH STAN VAN GUNDY:  (On blocked shots): “You get five or six blocked, that’s just great defense. You get 16 blocked against Milwaukee, 15 blocked tonight, that’s bad decision making. It’s not that anybody is trying to make bad decisions, but we’ve just got to make better decisions. The ones where guys are blocking threes, guys flying at you, you’ve got to be able shot fake. You go to the basket, help’s coming, you’ve got to be able to find open people. We’ve just got to do a lot better job of making those plays.”  

(On playing Boban Marjanovic tonight and playing Anthony Tolliver down the stretch): “The Boban (Marjanovic) decision was simply that I thought we needed some offense at the time and Boban gives you a different look. I thought in the first half it was sort of a wash, but the in the second half he gave us a good lift – was a part of the unit that gave us a good lift – so I thought that went well. (Anthony) Tolliver on the floor was because I thought he could guard KD (Kevin Durant) a little bit, but we were behind and needed to have some offense on the floor; spread the floor out a little bit and have more 3-point shooting on the floor.” 

DETROIT PISTONS GUARD AVERY BRADLEY: (On if Warriors length was an issue tonight): “It was. It was a similar game today to the Milwaukee game. Milwaukee had 16 blocks against us and they played the same way. They are a great defensive team and you have to move the ball and attack those guys. We have to make plays for one another to be effective on the offensive end.” 

(On the last five games in the stretch): “I think it’s both (offense and defense). I believe that our offense gets off and on, so the more stops that we’re able to get, and get out in transition, I feel like is beneficial for us. Our defense at times isn’t good. We exchange baskets with teams and we can’t be a team like that. We have to be a team that gets three or four stops throughout the game in order for us to give ourselves a chance to be in the game or win games.” 

GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS HEAD COACH STEVE KERR: (On how the team competed at the end of the night): “Just a great finish to just an amazing trip, 6-0. The last two games without Steph (Curry), obviously, tonight against a team that’s given us some problems and beat us a few weeks ago, so thrilled with the effort and now we get to go home and we’re all very happy about that.” 

(On the Pistons and how far off they are competing day-to-day with the NBA): “I think they already are.  They’re competing every night.  I know they’re in a bad stretch right now, but that’s a tough team, a really good team.” 

(On the rim protection): “It was great.  KD (Kevin Durant) and Draymond (Green) were all over the place.  JaVale (McGee) gave us a big lift and I thought our defense was really active against a team that is very difficult to guard with all the dribble handoffs and the cutting.  So our defense was really the key tonight.” 

GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS FORWARD KEVIN DURANT: (On the team closing out the team so strongly here): “Usually over a three-game road trip, the last game we’re a little sluggish and ready to get home.  We’ve been on the road for so long, and guys are ready to get home.  I liked our focus level to start the game, for 48 minutes we were focused.  We had a little slippage at the end, but it’s an erratic game and stuff like that can happen.  We have to give them credit for staying in it, but I think our focus level was the main thing throughout this whole trip—especially with so much that went on.  Just proud of the effort that we gave from the coaches all the way down to the players.” 

(On if the team refocused after Stephen Curry’s injury): “I feel like we’re always focused, but it’s just a different style that we have to play. Obviously not having Steph, the way he shoots the three, the way he penetrates the way he creates for everybody on the floor not having him on the floor is a little different and we definitely miss him, but we have to figure out ways to score the ball and find the open man.  I think defensively is also where we stepped it up a notch.  We’re always a focused group, but I think we’re just trying to put our focus into different areas and different ways to play the game.  

GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS CENTER DAVID WEST: (On finishing the trip strong): “Just being undermanned, guys just tried to make a push to make sure we finished this difficult trip on the right note.”  

(On what he’s seen in Kevin Durant the last two games since Stephen Curry has been out): “He hasn’t done anything differently.  He’s probably playing a couple more minutes than he’s used to, but he hasn’t done anything differently.  He’s still aggressive.  We try not to just give him the ball and stand and watch.  Trying to make sure guys go and know where to be.  There are times where we have to depend on him heavily like we did tonight.”


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