Postgame Quotes - December 4, 2017

Pistons Head Coach Stan Van Gundy:

(On the fight the Pistons brought to San Antonio…)

“Yeah, we fought really hard, there was no question about that, no disappointment there, that’s fine.” 

(On the team’s shooting…)

“I thought we had some good looks at threes that we couldn’t knock down and they did knock them down. That was really the biggest difference in the game. I thought down the stretch, we’ve had this problem two games in a row, we go a little too much just one-on-one isolation.  We have to be able to sustain our offensive energy better.  Probably over-played guys tonight but our bench just struggled.” 

(On starting Anthony Tolliver instead of Stanley Johnson…)

“AT [Anthony Tolliver] is a very good post defender and I think that played out, I thought he did a very good job on LaMarcus [Aldridge] tonight. And I thought Stanley [Johnson] did a good job coming off the bench. So, I don’t think that move hurt us at all.” 

(On Reggie Jackson setting offensive tone…)

“I thought he was really, really good. But we just couldn’t score in the second half so I’m disappointed. But our guys fought hard and we’ll move on.” 

(On if he is happy with the team’s defensive play…)

“Other than the threes we gave up, yes. But the threes were huge. You give up 14 threes you’re going to have a hard time. Obviously, that’s what decided the game.” 

Pistons Forward Anthony Tolliver:

(On how the team can improve their rebounding…)

“I think that we have to make a concerted effort to hit guys when the shot goes up instead of just watching. Sometimes I feel like we depend on Andre [Drummond] a little too much. Not necessarily tonight, but a couple games before this, I feel like we just got bad bounces. That was kind of the case in the last couple of games. Sometimes you have to go make your luck, so in order for us to get out of this little funk of not rebounding well, I think we just have to concentrate on it more and really just hit people, and go to the glass.” 

(On the best way to close out …)

“Being under control, but knowing your personnel too. Sometimes in the middle of the game if you’re X-ing out or not closing out to your guy, you have to make a split-second decision whether or not you are going to close all the way to take them off the shot, or close out short if they are a good driver. It takes a lot of mental capacity to be able to read those situations. Not going for shot fakes and being super disciplined, especially against teams like this, is very important. For the most part we did okay, but we definitely could have had some better close outs.” 

Pistons Forward/Center Eric Moreland:

(On their defensive performance tonight…)

“We always try to be on a stream defensively. That is what our motto is, defense. I think we did a great job on our defense, it wasn’t just me. AT [Anthony Tolliver] did a good job on defense against LaMarcus [Aldridge]. I think we did a great job on defense, offensively we struggled a little bit. Defensively, we did a good job.” 

(On their overall performance tonight…)

“I think this has been one of our best games this year so far, as far as trying to make four quarters.  I think we can take this game and learn from it, and just keep doing what we did tonight. We got a lot of good looks, and some shots didn’t fall, but I think we played through four quarters.”

Spurs Head Coach Gregg Popovich:

(On the difference between first and second half…)

“There is never one thing that is the difference, but I thought that we just kept playing for 48 minutes. We talk about that all the time, it’s a 48-minute game and we were down by nine a couple of times. I thought the guys, in a tough back-to-back, did a heck of a job to hang in there, keep playing and trusting each other. We made some great plays down the stretch from a lot of people. A lot of people participated, it was a good physical game and I am just really pleased with their effort. I thought they did a wonderful job.”  

(On Davis Bertans’ performance the last two games…)

“I think he has been very aggressive. We always know that he’s never seen a shot he doesn’t like, but defensively he’s worked hard in that area and he’s helped us. He’s done a really good job most times.” 

(On if he is surprised by Manu Ginobili’s performance at his age ...)

“I don’t know how we can be surprised anymore, we keep seeing it. It’s not a surprise anymore, maybe it was at the beginning of the year, but he takes really good care of himself and we’re trying to be smart on how we play him.” 

Spurs Guard Danny Green:

(On the game…)

“It was tough. They are a very good team. They’ve been playing good basketball in the East and they are one of the tops teams over there, they’ve been playing well against everybody. Playing a team like that and trying to win or beat a team like that is not going to be easy. We knew it was going to be a full 48 minutes, we had to continue and grind it out. Hopefully our experience would kick in and give us an edge or an advantage. Eventually, we just had to keep executing and trusting the system.” 

(On trying to force Reggie Jackson to his left hand…)

“He’s very good, he’s a right-handed player. Try to send guys to their weak hand. We also did some different things on the pick-and-roll which gave us some different looks, made other guys make decisions and I think it worked out for us for the most part. They still scored, they still made shots. We tried to get a couple of the stops that we needed toward the end which helped and it wore them down a little bit.”

(On if his block in the fourth quarter was luck…)
“It was pure luck. If he [Andre Drummond] knew I was coming, I’m sure he probably would have dunked the ball, but I don’t think he saw me weak side. When you’re a guard you can sneak up on big sometimes and I got lucky.”

Spurs Guard Tony Parker:

(On liking how things are coming together for the Spurs…)

“This was maybe our best win of the year. We played a very good team, they played very physical. They were hard us and we had to dig deep, a lot of great performances from a lot of guys.”

 (On what it’s like to have another veteran like Rudy Gay…)

“It’s great, just have another guy who can create. He had some very nice passing off the pick-and-roll. He knows how to play, good scorer and tonight he surprised with a nice pass at the end in the fourth quarter. It was really nice.”

 (On Davis Bertans...)

“He’s been doing what he’s been doing since he’s been here. He’s always ready to go. Sometimes he doesn’t play for three or five games in a row and he comes in. Last night he played great and tonight he confirmed it. He made some big shots for us to stay in the game.”