Postgame Quotes - December 28, 2018

Pistons Head Coach Dwane Casey

(On what the message is to your team after tonight)

“I first want to apologize to the fans of the Detroit Pistons, that's one of the worst exhibitions we've put out on the floor. We've gotta have more pride than what we played with tonight, more togetherness, and all-out play. I just thought Indiana outworked us in every facet of the game, hats off to them. But to stand for what the Detroit Pistons organization stands for, which is hard work, togetherness, grit, grind - we had no examples of that tonight, and it starts with me. It's what we just got done talking about. Until we do that, we're going to be on a roller coaster. Talent doesn't win in this league alone."


(On this point in the season)

“It's not a low point, it's a bad point. You can't get any lower than getting your butt kicked by 37 points. I wouldn't say it's a low point, we're still right there. But again, I don't just want to be right there. I want to be an upstanding, top of the conference team. That's what I came here for, and that's what these players are here for."


(On communication)

“It's not about talk, we can all raise our voice. I raise my voice plenty of times, but it isn't about that. It's about going out there and doing it on the floor. Our agenda is about one thing: winning." 

Detroit Pistons Forward Blake Griffin

(On the locker room postgame)

“I thought it was all positive, in the sense that we are all on the same page and we understand that the biggest thing that, I would say, I think as players we’ve taken the onus. I think everybody, 1-15 or however many, knows that it’s on us more so than anything the coaches are doing. The coaches are getting us great defensive game plans, we walk through and we’re prepared for every single game, and then we just come out and we either don’t or won’t play hard for one game and the next game we’ll play hard, then we won’t play hard for a couple of games, then we will play hard for a couple of other games. It’s just about consistency and that’s the gist of everything, that’s why I say it was positive, because it’s not like a bunch of finger-pointing, I’ve been in some bad team meetings and this was a good one.” 

Detroit Pistons Guard Jose Calderon

(On the locker room postgame)

“Team meetings are always good. It was a tough loss, Indiana played great today. They played really hard to get us our of our rhythm, out of what we wanted to do and we couldn’t do the same thing to them. It happens. I never like to get too worried about a team meeting or where we are as a team. I always like to look forward and look for the positives. It’s more about doing it, than talking. We’ve beaten some good teams by playing together, so we’ve got to do that for 48 minutes. We have to be more consistent, that’s the key to the season so far.” 

(On if his experience adds leadership value to the team)

“As veterans we’ve been trying to do that. After all, we’ve been in a lot of meetings. We had a lot of meetings last year with Cleveland, for example, and we made it to the NBA Finals. Yes, today was a bad loss; but that doesn’t mean it’s bad all around. Today’s team meeting was about getting focused on what we need to focus on.”

Indiana Pacers Head Coach Nate McMillan

(On tonight's ball movement)

“Rebounding was a big key tonight. We felt like if we could rebound, we could get out in transition and make their defense work. When we have that type of ball movement and are passing to guys when they're open, we shoot a higher percentage. I thought our guys did a good job of playing early, and when they didn't have anything early, playing late." 

(On Darren Collison playing three quarters and not missing a shot)

“It's good to see the ball go into the basket for him. I thought he was aggressive tonight. I thought our bigs did a good job of setting screens for him and he got a lot of those shots off of ball movement and kicks to the corner where he was able to have his feet set and knock down shots that they practice every day." 

(On hustle plays in tonight's game)

“We're still establishing ourselves and this is the type of game we're going to need to play going down the stretch the rest of the season. We expect to win the scrap game every night." 

Indiana Pacers Guard Darren Collison

(On being perfect tonight)

“I just felt like every shot was going in, every time I took a shot.  I don’t really look to score all the time.  As you guys know, I look to get my guys involved.  The ball just happened to find me in the right places and I was aggressive.” 

(On the team’s offensive confidence)

“We’re playing with high confidence.  And the best thing about it is everybody is contributing.  It’s not just one or two or three guys.  Like you said, it’s six guys a night.  That’s what’s going to make a special team down the road, is when you have multiple guys stepping up.  And that’s what it’s been for us consistently as of late.  And you have to be happy with that.” 

Indiana Pacers Guard Victor Oladipo

(On the defense leading to quick offense)

“It’s easier to score a lot of points when you defend. We’re going to get solid looks and great looks in the half court; but when you can get out and run, you get even easier looks than you could get in the half court. It makes it that much easier.” 

(On where this team can still grow)

“We can still get better, never get satisfied. It’s only the end of December, we’ve still got a lot of basketball left. We have to keep improving. There’s an even higher level we can get to, you’ve got to be ready.”



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