Postgame Quotes - December 28, 2017

Detroit Pistons Head Coach Stan Van Gundy

 On what tonight’s game revealed about them playing without Reggie Jackson and Avery Bradley:

“It didn’t have anything to do with being without guys to be quite honest. We weren’t ready to play at the beginning. Our starting lineup was not prepared to play, didn’t bring anything to the game. Then I thought for the second quarter we were pretty good. Third quarter we at least, after the first four minutes, we bot back in. But, that group just wasn’t good enough at the start of either half. And then offensively, obviously we got nothing off our bench. 3-for-22 off the bench, that’s not going to get it done. We don’t need everybody to have great nights, but we can’t have that many guys have that bad a night and think we’re going to get wins.”

 On whether it was the starters’ defensive disposition and malaise was the issue:

“Yes, I thought their disposition was awful to begin the game, not much better to begin the third quarter. But, they got into it a little bit quicker in the third quarter than they did in the first quarter.” 

On whether they struggled getting good shots:

“There’s no question about it. Again, I didn’t think many of those guys brought very good energy. I thought that Ish (Smith) was pretty good. I thought Andre (Drummond) made a good effort. (Reggie) Bullock and Tobias (Harris) were okay, but we really didn’t have anybody else that gave us much.” 

On pick and pop, screens and miscommunication on the perimeter:

“I thought we did a terrible job. Again, when you’re not prepared and you’re not locked in defensively that’s what happens.”

 On expectation of Ish Smith leading the first group:

“Ish (Smith) was fine. I don’t think it’s much of an adjustment for him at all. Langston (Galloway) is obviously playing the point. He didn’t pay very well tonight, but it is an adjustment period. I’d like to see him bring a better defensive disposition, and there were some, which I don’t say very often with guys, but there’s actually some simple mechanical stuff with his shooting that he’s got to get corrected. We know he’s a great shooter so we can get that corrected. The only thing I was disappointed in was our disposition to start the game. Other than that, it’s things we can work on, and we had guys have bad nights. I can’t really… 1-for-9s, 2-for-8s… I don’t really know what to do about that.” 

LANGSTON GALLOWAY: (On struggles of 2nd unit offensively tonight) “I definitely have to take responsibility for that one.  Not being able to get us some good looks. I think we were getting shots but I think they were kind of rushed.  We had a few turnovers to start the fourth.  We just have to do a better job and just continue to get better with it and next game have to be better.”

 (On whether Magic 18-2 run in late 3rd and early fourth quarter deflated Pistons) “I don’t think it was deflating.  I think we just didn’t stop it early enough.  We had to sub everybody back in and I think we on the second unit have to do a better job and just be ready for runs because there are going to be even flows in the game.”

“I think we were just trying to still get used to playing with each other again and taking this game as a hit on the chin and we have to get better.  They came out with a lot of energy and outplayed us.” 

“I think I had some good looks and missed some shots.  I made a few turnovers especially to start off the fourth.  You don’t want to go that way to start off the fourth.  You want to get the team rolling and really get a good rhythm and try to get us back in the game.” 

ISH SMITH: (on playing 30 plus minutes tonight) “I feel fine. Didn’t get a win down the stretch.  Have to figure out offensively how to stay aggressive and still find my guys.  That is what I thought Reggie (Jackson) was so good at down the stretch…knowing when to turn it on…knowing when to find guys so I am going to pick his brain.  A lot of it is just kind of feeling and playing and different things like that.  Defensively, the way we started the game, Coach got on us about starting the game better defensively.  If we do that, then we kind of set the tone and we didn’t do a good job with that.”

 (On being a vocal leader during 2nd quarter timeout that led to 14-0 Piston run in first half) “I think we do it collectively as a team.  At that moment, it was my time and I felt like I needed to say something.  We were down and kind of down in the dumps, I felt I needed to say something so I said we have to do it together.  We are in a tough stretch right now.  We are going to get through it and we have to stay together and at that moment I felt it was something that needed to be said.”

 (on whether Galloway will need to make adjustment playing with 2nd unit as point guard) “I think it is an adjustment for all of us to be totally honest with you.  I think people think that when you lose somebody it is next man up…next man up and it is, but it is still an adjustment.  What he has brought to our team is huge but it is still an adjustment.  Everybody is playing different roles, different minutes, different situations, different times defensively that they might be playing, shots they might be getting…it changes so once we get into that flow and that rhythm I think we will be okay but it most definitely is an adjustment.”

Orlando Magic Head Coach Frank Vogel: 

How much did your team feel whole tonight getting Evan and Aaron back, did it feel like the team you had earlier in the season?

“Yeah a little bit minus Vuc and T-Ross and you know, we’re still a little undermanned but it certainly felt a lot more like it than the last couple weeks it felt. So those guys gave us a big lift and happy to get a W.” 

What kind of lift did Marreese Speights give you tonight?

“Mo’s been a great addition to our team and gave us a big lift tonight, not just with his shooting but his savvy. He’s a good basketball player, you know he’s got great instincts, great feel for the game and with consistent minutes right now he’s going to give us this type of lift, this type of punch on a consistent basis. It’s tough to get in a rhythm when you’re playing one night and not playing another and the depth we have at the center position with Vuc (Nikola Vucevic) out, these guys have an opportunity to step up. Biz (Bismack Biyombo) and Mo were both great tonight.” 

What did you see from the team and what did you tell them in the 4th quarter to help push them towards a win?

“Well at the end of the third and into the 4th, we really finally got the payoff. You know, there’s a huge emphasis the last couple days of playing for each other, I mean we emphasize it all year, but more importantly the last couple games you know it’s been about other guys trying to pick up the scoring load and you know, it has to be about the pass. It has to be about creating for others. The pass makes the game easy and we had our best passing game of the last few weeks tonight and it resulted in better shooting. And that was the stretch toward the end of the third and into the fourth where the ball was really moving, the guys were not looking to force and we finally got the payoff. We actually played that way in the first quarter too, and we scored 33 points while missing I think four, maybe five open 3s, so we had an opportunity to have an explosive first quarter, but the pass is going to be big for us.”

They had a couple of big runs, how much did your bunch have to gut it out?

“Yeah, most of the night we were really good, played with great competitive spirit and you know just did a good job. You, know limiting from the 3-point line, we gave up five 3s in the first quarter, four the rest of the way. We had 15 fast break points allowed at halftime and only five the rest of the way, so we buckled down on that end and played with the pass offensively and got the W.”

Aaron Gordon 

On the Magic having multiple players back from injury…

“It’s nice. When you have guys out, other people step up and then when guys come back in, they still play at the same level. It’s a beautiful thing when everybody’s clicking. It seemed like we had a good energy tonight just from the beginning to the end. We made a couple of runs, we made sure that everybody stayed poised, finished the game, and got a win.” 

On Coach Vogel drawing up the first play for him in his return…

“I didn’t know he did that. I appreciate it. Got me going, get everybody going. I’m just glad that we executed, they hit me in the right spot, and I was able to knock it down. It was a good way to start the game. 

On Marreesse Speights providing a lift…

“It’s huge. Everybody played big. Everybody that played tonight, played big and that’s what we’re going to need if we’re going to make this push.” 

On the combination of Marreesse Speights and Bismack Biyombo…

“It’s way different so it’s a huge contrast for the second and first unit. Mo (Speights) scores in bunches and Biz (Biyombo) is really gritty, grind it out, and does all of the dirty work. [They’re] two really good players and they’re going to be key. We have plenty of talent on this team so people are going to have to step up on different nights. Between Biz and Mo, we have very solid centers.” 

On ending the losing streak…

“It feels great. It feels great. Let’s start a winning streak now.” 

Marreesse Speights

On ending the losing streak…

“It was great. When you lose nine in a row and you come to the arena that is packed, it shows that the fans are still sticking with us and they’re believing in us. When you see stuff like that, you want to play hard for them. They were great tonight.”

On what changed in the fourth quarter for the Magic…

“Well Coach left us in there; the second unit. We’ve got a lot of veteran guys in that group who are ready to defend. We’re just tired of losing. We finally locked in and got a win. The starters came back and finished it off. Hopefully this is something we build on until the guys get back.”