Postgame Quotes - December 17, 2017

DETROIT PISTONS HEAD COACH STAN VAN GUNDY:  (On game): “I’m not happy. I understand the sentiment, ‘oh it’s all about winning and you got the win’, that’s not what it’s all about. It’s about what you bring to the game, how you play, what you bring, the unselfishness you bring and then the results take care of themselves. I’ve had games this year where I was proud of them in games they lost. We played a very good first half. Reggie Bullock and Anthony Tolliver played very well and we didn’t try at all in the second half. I’m not happy with that at all.”  

(On second half): “They had 67 points in the second half. I don’t think they gave any effort in the third quarter, we were just able to score the ball. We didn’t bring anything to the second half.”  

DETROIT PISTONS FORWARD ANTHONY TOLLIVER: (On defensive effort): “I don’t really feel like our defensive intensity was very good the whole game, I think they missed some decent shots the first half, the second half they start hitting some. You know I think we definitely relaxed way too much  and allowed them to get a little confidence going down the stretch, but it was a learning experience we were able to fortunately get out of there with a win and you know hopefully we can correct some things and move forward.” 

“It’s a mental thing once you get up a certain amount of points, 15 or 20 points, its natural to relax but you have to go against your natural tendencies of relaxing, you have to keep pushing, keep doing the things that got you there and that’s what we didn’t do, we got away from the ball movement, got away from the things that got us in that position in the first place and started going a little bit too much one-on-one and taking tough shots, but yeah like I said, it’s a learning experience hopefully we can take something out of this game and say, hey next time we’re in this position learn from it and move forward.” 

DETROIT PISTONS CENTER ERIC MORELAND:  (On personal effort) “I try to go out and play the same way every night, you know, do all the little dirty stuff to help the team win, this is basically like my first year playing. I was hurt the first two years in Sac (Sacramento) so as the game continues to go on I start to feel a little more comfortable again but I try to have the same approach.” 

“We probably had some defensive lapse, you saw coach getting on me, you know attention to detail coming in for trail threes, stop getting stops and just being lackadaisical so those are the things we have to clean up trying to build towards the future.” 

ORLANDO MAGIC HEAD COACH FRANK VOGEL: (On the team battling back): “We didn’t quit.  We knew it wasn’t going to be perfect out there.  We didn’t guard well enough early in the game, but our guys who were out in the game continued to play and we gave ourselves a chance to win.”  

(On the way the team rallied): “We made shots, that’s the biggest thing and we didn’t quit our game. We played with more pace down the stretch as well. We got energized when we were trying to take back the game.  I challenged the guys to play with more pace early.”  

ORLANDO MAGIC FORWARD JONATHAN ISAAC: (On what he’ll focus on over the next month): “I think the biggest thing right now is my body. I’m going to continue to focus on my body. I’ve been putting on weight, continung to do that.” 

(On first game back): “I felt good. I definitely made some rookie mistakes, turnovers, but I felt comfortable.”  

(On what he can bring to the team): “Honestly, just energy…be out there, attack defenses, block shots, get loose balls, provide energy and a positive attitude.”