Postgame Quotes - December 14, 2017


(On how the team performed after the first quarter) “I thought we were better defensively after the first quarter, and we were pretty good offensively all night. So, I thought we played well against this team. I’ve seen their last few games. They’re playing everybody close. I think we played very well tonight against a team that has been playing well.” 

(On the key for the team offensively) “I thought our pace and ball movement was good, and then, when we got shots, we made them. That always helps.”  

(On what the win does for the team as it relates to their confidence) “Well, I don’t know. I mean, it’s a win. It certainly feels a little less burdensome now, so maybe we can just get back to playing basketball.”


(On how conscious he was of his near triple-double) “When I got the next (subbing out), I looked up, and I was like, ‘Oh, shoot, I got nine.’ I tried to get one more. But, obviously, the flow of the game didn’t go that way. But a career night for me, so I’m pretty excited about that.” 

(On his excitement to pass the ball) “Call me ‘Santa Dre’, I’m handing out gifts. I’m just trying to move the ball around. I’m trying to get my teammates in the right position to score. When they do get cut off, they’re able to pass the ball back to me to finish the play. So, it’s just fun the way that we’re playing.”


(On the importance of the win after losing seven in a row) “It’s definitely important to get off the schneid and continue to make an effort to get back on track and continue to keep this thing rolling tomorrow.”

 (On what the team did well offensively) “I think we just continue to move the ball. We got some great looks. Our shots fell tonight and we got a lot of stops. We came out and got a lot of turnovers and ran in transition. I think we just capitalized off of all that tonight.”


(Opening Statement) “I think the second quarter, obviously, we just didn’t play well enough. We didn’t play well enough for the last three or four minutes of the first quarter. From that point on, we were playing from behind. They executed well, they defended well. They did a lot of things, after a really good start for us. A little bit frustrating in that we started out well and it didn’t stay that way for long enough. The great thing about the NBA, we have a game tomorrow. Keep our heads up, get ready to go get on a plane, go to Memphis and play tomorrow.”

(On Detroit’s defense) “They’re well-coached and you have to give their defense credit. I thought we were a little bit sloppy to end that first quarter. When you have a team that’s probably picking up their pressure and you’re sloppy, that’s a bad combination. Credit to them and I think we can be better. If a team does turn up their pressure, or regardless, we just have to be sharper with the ball. I think the turnovers led to easy baskets. The offense is making it hard on our defense. Certainly not a good finish to the quarter, and into the second.”

(On John Collins) “It was great to see John back on the court. He brings an athleticism. He brings a pop. Going to the offensive boards, the ability to put pressure on the rim, the pick-and-roll game and the lob game, and defensively. For his first game back, (I’m) really pleased with how he played. We’ll keep ramping him up, but it’s great to have him back, no doubt.”  


(On returning to action) “It felt great to get back on the court to test my body out to see if I’m back to feeling 100%. I feel like I was; it was good to run up and down the court again.”

 (Regarding his shoulder) “It feels good. Obviously, to come out and have to battle physical guys with Detroit. Testing my shoulder out to see if it was really back to 100 (percent). It was definitely a good game to come back and test it out.”

(On the second quarter) “I think we made an effort to get stops. But, there was a lid on the rim. Certain stretches in the game where we moved the ball and got great shots. We made a great effort, but some days the shots aren’t going to drop.”

(On Andre Drummond) “Obviously, the system he’s in and the way he’s been playing has been incredible. He’s been on a tear. The guy’s playing really well right now. I can’t say much more than that.”


(On the game) “We started the game really well. Obviously, they made a run and were shooting a high percentage, especially in the beginning of the game. They hit 13 three-point shots. We should do a better job to be out there, challenge them and make them drive.”

(On defending three-point shots) “Obviously, you have to give them credit. They shot the ball really well. It’s not just about being in the right place, but they moved the ball well.”

(On his game) “I tried to do my best as far as being aggressive offensively. The main problem is not offense; we have to be more aggressive and smart defensively. Not as individuals, but as a team. Moving forward, we play against Memphis tomorrow. We have to be smart. They have a lot of guys who are capable of scoring. But we have to be more aggressive, willing to do more to win the game.”

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