Postgame Quotes - December 1, 2018

DETROIT PISTONS HEAD COACH DWANE CASEY: (On the crowd helping): “It was a great crowd, I'm excited that everyone wanted to come out...I think our guys are earning the trust with their hard play and their defensive efforts. We held this team to six 3-pointers, which was our goal. Their wins are around 13 and their losses are around eight and we held them to six, so I thought that the was the difference in the game. I thought the crowd kind of got us going, we had a little lull there and they picked us up and got us going.”


(On everybody staying within themselves): “That is so important that guys are understanding their roles, that guys are playing their roles, accepting the role, embracing it and being the MVP in their role, I think that's so important. Understanding that it is a team game, it's not about one player, everybody's got to do their job whether if it's screening, spacing, passing the ball, defending, whatever it is just make sure you do your job on each possession. When we win everybody wins and when everybody plays their role and stays in the game.” 


(On why this Piston team is different from last year): “I don't know what happened last year, I wasn't here. I know Stan (Van Gundy) is a very good coach and good friend of mine. I don't know what happened, I know injuries is one thing, right now we are healthy, guys are playing with a lot of energy together, playing with a purpose. The great thing about it is I don't think we are anywhere near where we can get to if we stay together, keep doing the things we need to do offensively, defensively and stepping into our shots. We shot 44 percent and still won, we were 34 percent from threes, we could be better from the three...Once our shooting kind off starts coming around that's the next step of our growth.”


DETROIT PISTONS FORWARD BLAKE GRIFFIN: (On how the win felt tonight): “It's a great win, obviously you can tell by the crowd and atmosphere tonight that they are a big team. It's important to protect home court and I thought we did a good job doing that.”


(On the stretch with Andre Drummond): “Yeah, it was huge. That secondary, that's going to break them, the second unit set the tone. Stanley (Johnson), Zaza (Pachulia), Ish (Smith) and I don't even remember who else was in there at the time. They set the tone for the rest of the game, and they just did a great job in the third and beginning of the forth. When both units are playing like that, it makes it tough to beat us.” 


DETROIT PISTONS FORWARD STANLEY JOHNSON: (On the impact of that seven minute stretch with Andre Drummond and Blake Griffin on the bench): “I really don’t even remember off the top of my head. I just know that we were playing really, really hard and we were playing together. It really didn’t matter who scored, who got the stops, or anything like that. I think we did a good job of giving Ish (Smith) the ball on the run and he’s making a lot of plays for us. It definitely was a change of pace for us not having Blake (Griffin) out there because we’re kind of depending on him to bring that double team and kick out on drives. But we figured it out tonight. It was really good for us.”


(On the bench’s chemistry and if it’s as good as he’s experienced in his time here): “For sure. It’s right up there with Brandon Jennings when Brandon Jennings was here and he was on the shelf. Ish and him are very similar, actually, in how they push the ball and how unselfish they are. But, since my time in the NBA, it’s that second unit that we had, it was very close to it.”


GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS HEAD COACH STEVE KERR: (On Stephen Curry’s first performance back): “He was up and down. He got himself going after a little while, slow start. It wasn’t his best game, but I’m not at all worried about Steph.”


(On taking 110 less threes than their opponent this season and whether that stat concerns him): “I do care. I did not like our offense tonight. I’ve got to do a better job, honestly. Tonight was probably a game that I could mark down as one of my worst performances as a coach, honestly. Every time I looked up, we had three guys in the paint. We got a little jumbled by the early foul trouble and the matchups made it difficult having to deal with (Andre) Drummond and Blake (Griffin). So, we got a little wayward with the early foul trouble, and then we had some combinations out there that we hadn’t planned on going to that clearly were not effective and that’s my fault. All in all, I’ve got to do a better job than I’ve done here the first couple (of) months this season. It’s got to get better. We’ve got to get better shots. We’ve got to get more spacing. We’ve got to get better flow.”


GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS FORWARD KEVIN DURANT:(On how big of a problem it is that most opponents are getting more threes): “We’ve just got to watch film and see where we can create better opportunities for us to shoot threes. Sometimes our spacing is a little messed up, and that’s on the leaders of the team out on the floor to get that in order. Then coach came out and corrected that. I think that’s on us as leaders on the floor to make sure the floor is balanced so we can have space, and we can knock down thre’s. I think we’ve got to do a better job of coming out with a little more sense of urgency, especially when we’re down 10, 11 points. I think they came out of timeouts and hit a couple of shots each time we tried to cut the lead. So, they made timely buckets. We’ve got to respond better, but looking forward to next game.”


(On Stephen Curry): “I think he looked good. He caught his rhythm later, obviously. But, how many games has he been out? Twelve? Eleven. I mean, you want to come in, you want to play well, and you kind of want to be aggressive as soon as you get into the game. I liked his aggressiveness, his body looked great, form looked great. It’s a matter of time before he gets back into the flow of the NBA game. Even MVPs like that, it might take more than just a game. For him, it probably took a half to really get in the flow of things. But I’m expecting the next game for us to come out and play better.”



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