Postgame Quotes - April 7, 2019

DETROIT PISTONS HEAD COACH DWANE CASEY: (On if the game got away during the third quarter after bad shots): “No, it got away in the first half. Our approach in the second quarter and our disposition in the second quarter wasn't there. I loved the way we played in the second half to get it to that point, but you can't put it all on that one stretch there. It started a lot earlier than that as far as our play and our defensive approach. Again, I loved the way the way the guys fought and scrapped to get to that point. Yes, we took some tough shots and we talked about that and what we should do with that. I thought we got in that position by attacking the rim, attacking the paint, to the kick-outs and not off-the-dribble shots. Again, you learn from it and you move on. Two more opportunities, and another opportunity Tuesday at home to take care of business.”


(On if he felt like Charlotte wanted it more in the first half): “I don't know about that, you have to ask the players. All I can do is see the execution, the defensive stops and the rebounding. I know one play I do love is Blake (Griffin) diving on the floor for loose balls. Here is a man playing with one leg diving on the floor. So we got to get more people doing those types of things.”


(On how frustrating the team’s disconnect is): “Other than Charlotte coming in and winning, I don't know if we are disconnected. There is no disconnect as far as understanding what it takes to play and get into the playoffs. Just because we are talking about it, keeping account of it, or watching the score, no you still have to go out there and do the job. I didn’t think we had that approach in the first half. I don't know if it's not caring, disconnect or all those adjectives you want to use, I don't think it's that. I think it's understanding the level of intensity you have to play with. I don't think it's anybody in there that doesn't want to win or doesn't want to get the job done. It’s just understanding the level. I guess I haven't done a good job of explaining it.”


DETROIT PISTONS GUARD BRUCE BROWN: (On the feelings after a game like this, even though there are two games left): “It definitely sucks, we wanted to win this game, we needed to win this game but we have two more so hopefully we pull it out.”


(On if he feels like the team emptied the tank and left it all on the floor): “In the first half we didn’t. I think we came out in the second half and played better but we got to start the game better for sure.”


(On what changed in the third quarter): “I think our energy level picked up. Coach got on us a little bit at half time, we got the ball, touched the paint a little bit, kick-outs, hit threes, we were just playing our game. In the first half we probably held the ball too much, taking too many threes off the dribble but we picked it up.”


DETROIT PISTONS GUARD REGGIE JACKSON: (On feeling like they needed to play desperately today): “They came out to win today, unfortunate, wish we could’ve sealed a spot but we didn’t.”


(On what can you attribute the second quarter to): “Fight, fight, a lot of energy and fight, we weren’t focused and they really put it on us. We’ve been doing this for a couple games now losing a quarter then trying to dig ourselves out of a hole, so we need to go out and compete all 48.”


(On how much better the play was in the third quarter): “Its deja vu, we dig ourselves a hole then we find a way to fight then we have a tough lost, we got to stop doing it. We just got to find a way to compete all 48.”



CHARLOTTE HORNETS HEAD COACH JAMES BORREGO: (On the significance of winning this game on the road): “It’s a big win for us, obviously, we played well recently and made a big step in the right direction this year, not only this year, just as an organization. We’re making strides every single day, every single game. I’m really proud of the effort from everyone, that last quarter we just stuck with it and just kept pounding. We’re not dying, just keep pounding away. I’m really proud of their effort, their intensity and focus tonight, it’s a big time.”


(On what impressed him most about the toughness of the team): “We’ve been there this year. I think, part of the season, we would have lost it in those moments. This group has grown. We’re building strength about us, especially fourth quarters. There was no panic. Nobody was panicking, we just moved on to the next play. We talked about our adjustments, what we were looking to run. Nobody was hanging their heads. We continued to fight in the fourth quarter, and I think we just kept making play after play. Even when the shots weren’t falling, we just kept battling.”


CHARLOTTE HORNETS FORWARD MILES BRIDGES:(On how big of a win tonight was): “It was definitely big. We’ve just got to win these last two and I feel like we’ll be good.”


(On if there was any extra motivation knowing he was back in Detroit): “Always. Last time I came to Michigan, I was kind of nervous. This time, I was just determined to win.”


(On Coach Izzo and the MSU team’s loss): “I always got Coach Izzo’s back, like I said. People always try to call him overrated, so I’m just trying to give them stats to make them think about it.”


CHARLOTTE HORNETS CENTER BISMACK BIYOMBO:(On Kemba Walker’s play tonight): “It was great playmaking, trusting the teammates. I thought he got Frank (Kaminsky) a couple open shots, and when we needed a bucket, he got us a bucket. I think overall, his effort was there and understanding where we are, we need everything from everybody.”


(On the significance of tonight’s win): “Well, if we would’ve lost tonight, I think we would have been done for the playoffs. So, thank God we got the opportunity to get out there and win, and now we’ve got to focus on Cleveland (Cavaliers), be prepared, and then go back home and finish with Orlando (Magic). Orlando’s playing tonight, so it’s great for us. Miami (HEAT) also, they lost to Toronto, so we’re all right there, we’re all fighting, and I think it should be a fun ending, and we’ve all got to be appreciative for it.”



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