Postgame Quotes - April 7, 2017


(On the game) “It was great and we had a bunch of guys out there who really wanted to play. They weren’t bogged down by the way the season had gone. They had great enthusiasm. I don’t care when it is in the year or what the situation is, that’s a big part of this to just have a great enthusiasm to play and those guys really did.”


(On Boban Marjanovic’s play) “Boban is an offensive force and quite honestly they (Rockets) got away with several fouls on him. That’s the one thing that concerns me is because he’s so big that the referees let people beat up on him to sort of even the score a little bit. Even with that, he was very, very good. He rebounded the ball and I thought he did a really good job.”


(On Stanley Johnson’s play) “He was defending (James) Harden, who had a great night but he is so tough. He hit some deep ones and there wasn’t a lot we could do. I thought Stanley competed real hard and his three was probably the biggest shot of the game. He made four assists and some really nice passes and I thought he did a really good job in one of his best games of the year.”


(On Henry Ellenson first career start) “Henry never looked uncomfortable to me. Defensively a couple of times he got lost but he just plays and I don’t think Henry gets scared. I thought he was good and he rebounded the ball and that was impressive and something I’ve talked to him a lot about. He’s going to have to rebound, we know he’s a good offensive player, and has good offensive instincts and we know his defense is going to be a little bit of a challenge but he has to rebound the ball, and tonight he did.”



(On his first career NBA start) “This was a really fun night. The way we played, the guys all played together and we wanted to win. It was just a lot of fun getting in there and winning against a tough team (Rockets). It came down the stretch and I enjoyed this one for sure.”


(On how you got the win down the stretch) “We just made winning plays at the end to get the win. Boban (Marjanovic) was making great moves on offense and rebounding and put backs.  He had some big time rebounds and Stanley (Johnson) as soon as he had the ball I had a good feeling, he’s a confident player. He let the three fly and we got up by three, and that was huge. We just made winning plays down the stretch, and this was fun.”



(On his game and the team’s win) “I think we just played super hard. We have a lot of young guys that were out there and Boban (Marjanovic), who hasn’t had many chances this year to play. We’re really, really hungry and seeing the position the team is in right now, we’re just trying to play hard and show that we can play as well. Tonight was a total team win, all through and through from Boban being prepared to come in and play the way he did, and then the other guys that started, and Tobias (Harris). We kind of hit them (Rockets) from all cylinders and it’s hard to beat a team when they’re scoring with so many different people.”


(On the team’s final games) “Honestly, it’s a low note as we’re looking down on the playoffs. It’s going to be hard for me sit at home in early April and watch basketball. I’m really disappointed but every day you have to win today. I just try to go day to day and finish off the season and see what happens.”



(On his play and having a career-high 27 points) “We played defense, I’m more happy because we beat a really, really good team (Rockets) and this is really my first opportunity with the team. We just played hard like we’re supposed to. Everything is going in a good way. We play this sport because we love basketball and we want to enjoy and when you’re young. Everyone just wants to get on the court and be a NBA player, and when you’re on the court you feel that same way; like when you were a young kid.”


(On the game) “In the fourth quarter we kind of just quit playing and give them (credit), they (Pistons) played well. We just didn’t finish the job up. It was a little disappointing.”


(On if this is a good game to find the team’s chemistry) “Well it would’ve been if we would’ve found it. It would’ve been nice, you know we just didn’t finish the game up, and you know like I said, what we got, three more games left? And they don’t mean anything obviously, we know that but you got to play the right way and when you do play we have to play better than what we did.”



(On how he felt playing his first game back from injury) “I felt good. Obviously it’s going to take a few more games just to get back to complete normal. But it felt pretty good with the time I was giving. Obviously, coach wanted to play me at probably some shorter minutes tonight and through that time I felt good.”


(On whether or not he felt any different than normal during his minutes tonight) “Like I was saying before the game conditioning is different when you’re running on a treadmill or if you’re doing other exercises, than it is on the court it’s a lot more physical. I think the biggest test was how is the ankle going to manage getting hit and stuff like that, awkward movements, and it felt good.”


(On his progress of his ankle healing) “It was a good first little test. Just to see it moving and getting warmed up and it feels good. There was no real movement that I felt that I was questioning it.”


(On the loss) “We want to be playing at our highest level coming into the playoffs, but there are different lineups that we are putting in. We are putting in different guys; different guys are playing. This is the time where we want to play at a high level, but these games don’t necessarily matter in the standings. So it’s not like its deflating or anything in any way. We are still very confident about what we need to do, but you don’t want to lose a game. So we just need to lock in, and just play really hard next game and get back after it.”



(On the game) “We didn’t play together, we didn’t execute; we didn’t defend. I don’t care if this game didn’t count this is an NBA game, and we’re trying to have good habits and we didn’t create good habits tonight. We didn’t play well at all tonight; we didn’t. We have to play better if we’re talking about winning championships. I don’t care if this is one of the few last games of the season, we have to play better and that’s everybody.”



(On the game) “We’ve got to do a better job of closing games out, it’s that simple. We let big fellow get going…get some confidence, and that’s how they rode that game out from the middle of the game.”


(On Boban Marjanovic catching the ball close to the basket) “Yeah, too close. We got to be more physical and hit him earlier, but like I said the guards were getting into our paint and if you give a team like that confidence they’re going to knock down some shots at the end of the game. (We) made it tough on ourselves.”