Postgame Quotes - April 17, 2019

Detroit Pistons Head Coach Dwane Casey

(On the Pistons’ performance tonight…)

“I thought we set the tone in the second quarter. Against a team like Milwaukee you have to do it for a longer period of time. I think we extended it long enough. It showed in the third quarter. They scored 35 points to our 17. It was our Achilles heel tonight. Again, our challenge has been extending hard play, not getting bored with doing fundamentals, not getting bored kicking the ball out, doing those things offensively. Defensively, staying solid and making sure we execute what we need to do. That’s a discipline that has to be at the top of our charts going into next game and next year.”


 (On Luke Kennard…)

“I was really proud of him. He gave us more spacing. A smaller lineup gave us the opportunity to score, space the floor and move the ball. Again we got away from that in the third, subsequently, scoring 17 points.”


(On switching between Luke Kennard and Bruce Brown …)

“It set the tone, gave us a little juice and energy. Against this team you have got to score. You have got to score. You cannot think that you can get that many stops and not give yourself a chance to win. For us to win we have to make sure we do a good job executing the ball and attacking the paint, attacking the paint kick outs, attacking the paint finishing. We got up 36 threes. We had some great looks from three and knocked those down. That’s the recipe to give us the chance to beat a team like Milwaukee.”

 Detroit Pistons Forward Luke Kennard

(On making shots early in the game…)

“What they’ve been doing, from what I’ve seen, they are staying home with shooters. With Wayne [Ellington] and I out there, they’re respecting our shots. That kind of opens the floor a little bit more. [It] gives Reggie [Jackson] some space to create. We got the shots we wanted because the defense, especially in the second quarter, was really good. We got back in transition. We were able to get some stops, get out and run. Transition offense is some of our best offense. It was good for us.”


(On the adjustments they made in Game 2…)

“We really didn’t change much of our game plan from the first game to the second game. We paid a little bit more attention to detail, especially getting back, making sure Giannis [Antetokounmpo] didn’t have big gaps to drive the ball. It was just a thing where we needed to play with more energy, toughness and fight. I thought we did that in the first half.”


(On if there was a difference between him starting and coming off the bench…)

“Not really. As a starter, you’re expected to start the game off with a lot of energy, a lot of physicality, [and] try to build a lead right away. I didn’t feel any difference. Starting today or coming off the bench, either way is fine with me. Obviously, you have to get a lead or keep the score even. It was a thing where we wanted to create a little bit more space on offense. I thought we did that and we got some good looks.”


Detroit Pistons Guard Bruce Brown

(On coming off the bench and giving a spark to the second unit…)

“I think it was okay, to be honest. I didn’t mind it too much. I actually liked it. I brought some energy off the bench. When I was out there, I brought some energy, we made a run, took the lead. I liked it.”

 (On if he could feel the game change when he got in…)

“I think when I took that charge, the energy picked up. Everybody started taking charges. [Langston Galloway] took one. We started making shots.”

 (On what to take away from tonight’s loss…)

“We just have to limit their transition buckets. I think they had 20 or 30 [points in transition], something like that. We limit that, we’re right in the game.”


Milwaukee Bucks Head Coach Mike Budenholzer

(On Pat Connaughton’s performance…)

“It’s great when you have a little bit of pop off your bench. I love the pop he gives us defensively. How many blocked shots did he have? He covers a lot of ground. He gets some great contests even when he doesn’t block shots. I think he bothers shooters, and he’s really great chasing and staying with guys. He mixes in making some threes and he’s going to the basket and finishing. He and I were laughing that he’s turned into our best power forward with a jump hook. He’s doing a little bit of everything.”


(On how the Pistons defense gave the Bucks a difficult time in the first half…)

“I think we need to move them a little bit more, and we have to play with each other a little bit more. In the first half, there were some times that we were just trying to beat our guy without even passing. When there are lanes and opportunities, we like that. We have to be just as willing to make a couple of passes and move the defense a little bit and attack again. In the first half, it didn’t feel like we were willing to make those passes and move them before we attacked. The second half was better.”


(On Luke Kennard entering the starting lineup for the Pistons…)

“He was a big part of that first half thrust that they put out there. Certainly, give credit to Luke, he played well. I think there are a couple areas where we need to tighten up and we can be better. They’re a good team, there’s a reason they’re in the playoffs. Kennard made a lot of shots, and Reggie Jackson made a lot of shots and reads. They played well. I think we can be better, but you have to give him credit.”


Milwaukee Bucks Center Brook Lopez

(On Pat Connaughton’s performance off the bench…)

“I’m proud of Pat. That was impressive. He was just everywhere tonight and brought so much energy to the game. It was great to see.”


(On what changed for the team in the third quarter…)    

“I thought Detroit came out in the second quarter and their energy exceeded ours. At times, their focus exceeded ours. It was great to see our team’s response. We’ve been great so far in the playoffs. The playoffs are very long, but we have to keep just taking it one game at a time.”


(On Detroit using a small lineup at times…)

“We just have to make adjustments out of that. We have to try to stay the team we are and not really change our identity. We need to continue to be the aggressor offensively and defensively. They’re trying to make us change the way we play and more like they want us to. We can’t let that happen, and focus on what we can do.”



Milwaukee Bucks Guard Eric Bledsoe

(On taking control in the second half…)

“We knew they were going to come out with fight. We just had to match their intensity. I thought we did a good job of coming into the half, Coach [Budenholzer] came and talked it over with us. We came out and executed the plan.”


(On the intensity of playing in the playoffs…)

“I feel like for us as a team, we have players that have been on the team for a while. We went through adversity, seven games last year. We know what it takes now. We are focused, so we’re trying to block everything out and focus on us, just do our job.”


(On going on the road to Detroit…)

“Giannis [Antetokounmpo] said it earlier. We took care of business like we should. Now we’re going on the road playing against a tough crowd and a tough team. We’re going to go in, practice, and see what we can do better. We’re looking forward to Game 3 in Detroit.”


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