Postgame Quotes - April 15, 2013

Pistons vs 76ers

Detroit: Lawrence Frank | Will Bynum | Greg Monroe

Philadelphia: Doug Collins | Dorell Wright

Pistons Head Coach Lawrence Frank

(On third quarter): “Kyle (Singler) and Brandon (Knight) gave us good energy, Greg (Monroe)\; I thought was tremendous throughout. Our ability to take care of the ball and get better shots in that third quarter, but Brandon and Kyle’s energy on both ends really spurred us. Obviously, Will (Bynum) was very good off the bench. These games still count and it was what team could put together a couple stops, what team could limit a second shot here or there just to get enough separation. We had around three or four chances to really get separation, but we couldn’t make the play to lead to the momentum, but we did enough. The guys had good spirit and the third quarter, the first and third, were big quarters for us.”

(On Greg Monroe playing against an athletic big): “Like I said it’s like a game of chicken. Their athleticism, Thad Young’s ability to run the floor, to make plays off the dribble vs. Greg’s ability to post him and they played him straight up. If this was a different game they’d probably game plan it a little bit differently, but you give credit to Greg. At the end of the day, they played him the way they did and Greg contributed. Our guys did a good job screening and delivering him the ball. It always comes down to when there’s going to be a smaller guy with athleticism and then it’s Greg size. It’s who can win the game of chicken.”

Pistons Guard Will Bynum

(On playing inside-out): "It's not a thing where you just pinpoint if you're an inside-out team. It's more of a thing of where you play the game the right way early on. You feed your bigs, you feed Greg (Monroe) early on and you get out in transition when it's available. You move the basketball and play the game the right way. It's not a focal point, but Greg, he dominates on the block. Just play the game and make the right reads and plays. It's simple. I don't think you can label it an inside-out team because we have perimeter guys as well. However, when you have match-ups like tonight, you definitely have to use it."

(On being unselfish): "Coach (Lawrence) Frank has been giving me a lot of freedom to call my own sets and do my own thing out there on the court. It's just the outcome of him kind of giving the freedom to call sets and to call a pick and roll whenever I want to and to just make the right reads and make the right plays. It's tough to defend Andre (Drummond) and Greg (Monroe) out there. They have to kind of pick their poison."

(On Greg Monroe at power forward): "It doesn't matter where Greg (Monroe) is out on the court. Greg plays the game the right way; he has a high basketball IQ and he shares the basketball. No matter where you put him at, he's going to be effective."

Pistons Forward Greg Monroe

(On playing third quarter like the first): In the first quarter we did a good job moving the ball. I think we had like 10 assists on 11 shots and 11 scores. It was something we wanted to get back to in the third quarter and we kind of went away from that in the second quarter. The third quarter we did good job of getting back to moving the ball and people getting open shots, easy shots.”

(On playing last home game): “Obviously, you can feel it. You want the fans to leave with a good view of you. I think we did a good job of that. We thank the fans for their support the whole year and we need to continue to do it.”

76ers Head Coach Doug Collins

(On Game): “We were doing some good things and then we started dribbling a little too much. We had three or four turnovers in that one segment. (Greg) Monroe was terrific. (Brandon) Knight had that little stretch where he got hot and hit some shots and then (Will) Bynum was good off of the bench.”

(On Justin Holiday): “We want to win, but Justin (Holiday) has got a chance. He is quick, he is rangy, his shooting is getting better and I think being on a team is both good for he and Jrue (Holiday).

(On off season preparation): “I think when you go into the offseason it is important to get a taste of what you have to do to get better. One thing I want to talk to Arnette (Moultrie) about next year is being a little bit more active defensively; having a little bit more presence around the rim defensively.

76ers Forward Dorell Wright

(On game): “They played hard and we played hard, they just made better plays. (Greg) Monroe had a good night, and they just played good.”

(On Greg Monroe and Andre Drummond): “They continue to grow and develop. I think they have a really good chance of being good. They’re two young, big, athletic players. They’re something this game is really missing. Big guys are shooting threes now and stuff like that, so when you can throw it to guys who can play with their back to the basket, that’s definitely huge.”


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