Postgame Quotes - April 10, 2019

Detroit Pistons Head Coach Dwane Casey
On making the playoffs:
“We’re happy to have the first step for our organization. We’re still in the growth process. One thing I spoke to Mr. Gores and the committee about when I interviewed for the job was we’ve been through the rebuilding stuff and we’re ahead of the curve.  We’re still building something special. This is a first step for us to get into the playoffs. Our young guys to experience it, to understand the level of intensity and what it takes to get there and get in there and make some noise. It’s a great first step for the organization and for our fans. We have some well-deserved fans in the Piston’s area. They’re used to great basketball. We’re not where we want to be, but we’re not where we were.”

More on making the playoffs:
“We have a lot of work still to do to get ready for next week, for whoever it is, I think it’s Milwaukee (Bucks). One thing I didn’t realize is this is Thon’s (Maker) third playoff in a row, that’s something there in itself. For the young guys to go through it and experience it, is great.”

On tonight’s game:
“Luke (Kennard) played bigtime. It’s been a season of growth. A season of growth for Andre (Drummond), a season of growth for Luke. They did a heck of a job working and developing, listening to the coaches…Watching Luke grow has been a great thing, watching Andre grow has been a great thing. All of our young guys. Bruce Brown, this year is going to pay out big dividends for him down the road. I keep going back to what we talked about (Pascal) Siakam. We started him, his rookie year, second year, same way. He couldn’t score, he couldn’t score with a pencil. Now look at him, because he kept working and because he started in his early years and got the experience, it paid off for him.”

Detroit Pistons Guard Luke Kennard
On tonight’s game:

“You can’t take any game lightly. It’s the NBA, everybody is good. We knew we needed to come out with a little more energy, a little more fight, a little more competitiveness tonight. The message before the game was to really put together a full 48 minutes from the start. I thought we did that so credit to our starters for getting us going early.”


On securing a playoff spot:

“It feels great. Credit to the entire team all season. We hit some adversity – win streaks, losing streaks – but we stuck together, trusted each other, trusteed the coaching staff and we were able to get in (the Playoffs). It’s a great accomplishment but obviously, we’re not done yet.”

Detroit Pistons Guard Langston Galloway

On securing a Playoff spot:

“It’s exciting to make it to the playoffs but we’re not satisfied. We’ve got a lot of work to do and we have to continue to go from here. We got these last two wins and have to build on them.”

 On continuing to improve into the Playoffs:

“It takes a lot of effort. You have to take it to another level and continue to get back to practice and really work hard at the really small details. That will take us over the top to the next level. It just takes each individual taking their game to the next level and continuing to learn from what we went through the last couple of weeks.”

Head Coach David Fizdale
On tonight’s game:

“No juice tonight. I think we left it all in Chicago. I was really proud of this group though. I issued them a challenge. It probably didn’t mean much to the rest of the league but for us it was something. The last seven games, I challenged them can we win a series? We got down 3-1 and we pushed it to a Game 7. It was a good lesson for these guys. It was also a good lesson for them to understand what it takes to get over the hump in a Game 7 against a team that was desperate. Credit to Dwane Casey and his guys. They really came out and played the right way in a game like that. They really got after us. They didn’t take it light. They didn’t take it for granted that they were playing the youngest team, or the last place team in the league. They came in and gave it to us and played a really hard, detailed game.”


On the last game of the season being a meaningful one:

“Somehow it all kind of shaped it to where my mock series in the last seven games ended up being something meaningful. Credit to them, they really took it to us.”


On his thoughts about the summer:

“I’m just excited for the summer. There is a lot of good stuff that we can take with us from this season, especially with these young guys. The fact that Mitchell Robinson finished second in blocks in the league. Most people didn’t know who he was. Here he is playing 20 minutes a game and he finished second in blocks. As up and down as Kevin’s (Knox) season was, for a 19 year old to do some of the stuff that he did this year, I thought it was exceptional. He’s one of six teenagers to hit over 100 threes, he made the All-Rookie game, he was Rookie of the Month. He had a stat line that only LeBron (James) had as a rookie. Stuff like that were really big positives. The fact that Zo (Allonzo Trier) came in here and earned a roster spot as a two way guy is something to marvel at. I’m really excited about the future and the summer. We have a big summer ahead of us. A lot of hard work that we have to put in. but I think these young guys are going to be ready to make another jump.”


On his take away from this season:

“Big picture wise it was good for me because I had to learn how to be patient. As a group, I think we got a chunk of young guys that can move forward with us in the future. They can fill in some spots around some veteran players and start moving in the direction of winning.”

New York Knicks Guard Kevin Knox
On this season:

“I learned a lot this season, about the NBA off the court and on the court. Just getting better as a player. I learned a lot about being more of a professional. I learned a lot this year, it was a pretty good rookie year.”


On his summer plans:

“I’m going to take some time off and then I’m going to get right to it. I plan on having a huge summer and coming back next year playing a lot better. There are a lot of things that I want to work on this summer. I’m going to take a few weeks off to get my body to 100% and then get back to work.”


On his thoughts about the summer:

“This summer is going to be huge for every team. There will be a lot of trades, big time free agents. It’s going to be a big time summer for us and other teams as well. I’m looking forward to seeing how we reconstruct and if we can get better.”


On his health this season:

“There were a lot of bumps and bruises. In couple of weeks I’ll be back to 100%.”


On the difference from the start of the season to the end:

“I feel a lot more comfortable, especially towards the end of the season. Towards the All Star break I felt more comfortable being out there. There are still a lot of things that I have to work on, but from game one to game 82 I feel like a totally different player.”



New York Knicks Center Mitchell Robinson

On finishing the season;

“I thought the season was great.  It started off sluggish. I got used to the game a little bit. I started playing a little bit better. Overall I feel it was great.”


On the next step

“I am going to go back down to Louisiana, continue to workout, and get better. See my family and continue to play and get better.”


On being drafted to New York

“I came to a team the really cares about me. They helped me get better.  I worked on my free throws and now I make way more free throws than I made at the beginning of the year. I feel like it worked out for me.”


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