Postgame Quotes - February 28, 2012

Pistons vs 76ers
Detroit: Lawrence Frank | Damien Wilkins

Philadelphia: Doug Collins | Elton Brand | Louis Williams

Pistons Head Coach Lawrence Frank

(On 22 turnovers): “Look, 18 of their first 24 (points) were at the rim. Obviously, this is the same problem we have had with this team. This is the third time they (opposing teams) were averaging 21 points off our turnovers. The Sixers were a very good team, averaging 83 points over the last nine (games), and the goal was to get them to play against our set defense and obviously we were unable to do it. You have to give them credit for their athleticism and effort. When you get 17 steals in a game, you are (clearly) very active.”

(On whether he is concerned about his team’s effort): “Well look, their bench obviously changed the game. Their bench had 47 points; they start to set court on 11-0 run. They outplayed us tonight.”

(On looking at changing the second unit): “We need to do better, not just the bench. We win and lose as a team.”

(On the third quarter chemistry): “That’s what we talked about before the game, that’s why you have to grind, you are not going to have rhythm. So for the Sixers, what they were able to do is to turn their defense to get easy baskets and start to get some rhythm. For us, yes, do we have some open shots that we missed, of course. This is a grind game, these games are always funky when someone has a call and not just hang it up here, but these games are always funky and their funky for both teams. You have to give the Sixers credit. Their activity generated offense and for us we never developed that rhythm.”

Pistons Forward Damien Wilkins

(On intensity): “Everything was a problem tonight. We turned the ball over, we didn’t handle the ball well, didn’t get back in transition and that was pretty much the start of the ending.”

(On shooting and shot selection): “I think it was a combination of both. There were some shots that we took that we contested pretty well that didn’t go down and then there were some bad shots that we took. For the most part, we just didn’t come out with a mindset with a sense of urgency. They got out and jumped on us pretty good and we didn’t recover.”

(On bad matchup with Philadelphia): “Seems like it, but there’s no reason we couldn’t have beaten this team. I don’t know if we see them again, but hopefully we do.”

76ers Head Coach Doug Collins

(On offense): “We had 17 steals, we had 30 fast-break points and we had 24 points off turnovers. When we play like that, that gets us into the open court. I thought, the first four minutes of the game, I thought we were getting back into playing again. (Greg) Monroe had nine points before we could blink. We let (Rodney) Stuckey get to the basket a little bit, but then it was like that was it.”

(On starters): “Elton (Brand) got some rest and I think that really helped his legs. I thought he had some balance in his step. Yesterday we worked on some stuff off our transition game to get the ball in the post a little quicker because we felt like we needed to go inside a little bit more and just give our big guys some touches. If they didn’t have it, we would’ve done some dribble hand offs and some of our bigs are not quite good at that yet, but they’ll get better.”

76ers Forward Elton Brand

(On win): “It felt good. They were 7-2 and their last losses were close ones. They were playing better than their record indicates, but we knew it was going to be a tough one. We played great defense.”

(On offense): “We got some good scores and some good open shots for the shooters, so it flows. We almost scored 100 points without Spencer (Hawes), so it’s good.”

(On three victories against Pistons): “They’re a tough matchup for us. They are a good solid team like I said. They’ve been playing much better than what their record indicates.”

76ers Guard Louis Williams

(On breaking the losing streak): “I think that going into the break we weren’t playing good basketball, so it’s good to just come out and help break the ice and get the first one.”

(On game): “We were desperate to get a win, so once we had the opportunity to close the door on it we didn’t want to look back. They have guys that can score a bunch and we didn’t want to give them an opportunity to get going. I think our first group did a great job of sustaining that 16-point lead and then pushing it to 20. Then the second group came in and made it 25 to 30 and we were able to get a win.”