Postgame Quotes - April 19, 2012

Pistons vs Timberwolves

Detroit: Lawrence Frank | Will Bynum

Minnesota Rick Adelman | Jose Barea

Pistons Head Coach Lawrence Frank

(On the first three quarters and struggling to get points): “I think what it was is we had two four minute stretches where we did not score. We got stops, but could not score a point. A couple different reasons, one is at times we had some good shots, at other times we took some quick shots, other times we did not move the ball or move bodies as well as we needed to. So a combination of all three of those things and just not taking advantage of when we finally did get stops of being advantageous whether it’s on the break, whether it’s with ball movement in terms of our early attack. At times we looked “punch-drunk” out there, just running into each other, not great rhythm and it really wasn’t until the third quarter we didn’t make shots, but we really started to get a rhythm going. Then the fourth quarter, Will Bynum did a great job of attacking, getting into the paint and putting pressure on them. But, disappointing that in a game like this with no lead changes, you look at the free throws in terms of our inability to get into the paint vs. their ability to get into the paint. So there was a big difference there.”

(On team’s play the last two nights): “Look there are no excuses, the schedule is the way that it is. The last time we had three in three our best game was the third game on the road. It is what it is. This is when you have to fight even harder through things and it is not going to be easy and nor should it be easy.”

Pistons Guard Will Bynum

(On first three quarters of play): “Sometimes I think we over do it when the game is simple. I think Tay (Tayshaun Prince) had it going early and I felt like we should’ve just dropped Tay and played off Tay. Sometimes the game is simple and we have a mismatch and you find it and you ride it until they stop it. I think we got away from that in the first quarter and then we weren’t sharing the basketball and that led to our defensive struggles.”

(On energy): “I’m ready to play; my effort is always going to be there. I’m just trying to play the right way and today was one of those things where I felt like we needed to attack more earlier in the game and I just tried to be aggressive on both ends and just tried to make something happen.”

(On comeback): “It’s hard playing catch up like that, especially against a good team like Minnesota. They’ve been playing really well and they did a great job. They were on us from the start and it was tough after that.”

T'Wolves Head Coach Rick Adelman

(On game): "The fourth quarter was pretty good. We defended pretty well. We got them, obviously, the third night in a row so we took advantage of it. We were able to hold on."

(On finally getting a win in April): "It means a lot. I told them that we've finally won a game in April now lets try to win three. Let’s see if we could just turn this thing at the end of the year so it ends on a positive note."

(On Pistons fourth quarter run): "We just have to make it hard no matter what. Give them credit, Bynum (Will) was terrific and they didn't stop playing. It was their third night in a row and they kept playing."

T'Wolves Guard Jose Barea

(On ending streak): "This one’s great. I think it was good for our team. I think we had a tough game last game, but we bounced back. We had energy today, we moved the ball really good, and it gave us a win tonight."

(On Pistons fourth quarter run): "(Will) Bynum came off the bench and he was aggressive and he was making some tough shots, so he made it a little bit hard for us. We made some free throws and took care of it at the end."

(On team play):" We stayed as a team together and got some good rebounds and like I said we made some free throws and Bynum finally missed one, so that pretty much gave us the win."