Detroit Pistons and Palace Sports and Entertainment Announce Partnership with Uber

The Detroit Pistons and Palace Sports & Entertainment (PS&E) announced today a partnership with Uber.   Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

 Elements of the partnership include naming Uber as the official and exclusive rideshare partner of the Detroit Pistons and PS&E at The Palace.  An Uber pick-up and drop-off zone will be designated near the North Entrance of The Palace, giving fans easy access to a safe and convenient ride to or from the game.

 “We are pleased to partner with Uber as the official rideshare partner of The Palace,” said Luis Perez, Executive Vice President of Business Operations and Strategy for Palace Sports & Entertainment. “This partnership gives our fans the opportunity for a safe ride to The Palace and a designated pick-up and drop-off area with easy accessibility.”

 The partnership will also include special in-arena perks for fans and exclusive promotions via the mobile app throughout the season.

 “As the official rideshare partner of the Pistons, Uber is now a great option for fans who want their trip to and from The Palace to be hassle free,” Uber Michigan General Manager Sagar Shah said. “Pistons fans can skip the parking lot – just push a button and get a ride.”

 About Uber Michigan: 

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