Postgame Quotes - January 21, 2011

(On the Game)

“We’ve been playing some really good basketball, tonight it was just an energy problem. We couldn’t generate the type of offense in spurts that we have as of late. That’s the beautiful thing about the NBA, it’s one game and we have to get ready for a big game tomorrow night. I just didn’t see us with energy for a full 48 minutes, the type of energy we’ve had as of late.”

(On the game)

“We were definitely flat. I don’t know why but for whatever reason we were definitely flat. Whether you’re tired for one game or just can’t get into it you just have to dig down and try to find whatever we can.”

(On 4th quarter)

“Guys came in the 4th quarter and we really didn’t have a rhythm. That’s pretty much the game right there, they just came in they had the momentum and we didn’t and that’s the difference.

(On the game)

“It was disappointing. We started the game from the jump and they came out with more energy than us.”

(On 4th quarter)

“I don’t think we did that bad on offense. We didn’t make our shots today. Shots didn’t fall today.”

(On the Game)

“It’s going to be a long road, but this is another step in the right direction, back-to-back wins for us here at home. Some really good defense.”

“Right now we’ll take [a win] any way we can get it. Fortunately with [Detroit] shooting a low percentage, we were able to hold our ground on the boards, that was a big thing for us.”

“Humphries again with another double-double off the bench, Favors had good energy for us.”

“Anytime you can win in the rebound game, hold the team under 40%, the only thing you have to do is make sure you play good offense, and for us, 50% from the field, that’s pretty good.”

(On Prokhorov)

“It’s good having him in the building, and getting a chance to spend some time with him and talk about our vision and where we want to go.”

“He’s made a significant investment and we want to see that his investment brings a good return.”

(On Harris)

“The three plays Devin Harris made, that’s worth 3 game balls. … He’s really been locked in. That’s the type of defense that we know he can play.”

(On Anthony)

“He basically put the game away for us with his three point shots.”

(On the game)

“We really came out aggressive and played at our pace. I thought we had a huge help from our bench tonight and we got our sharpshooter back. He (Morrow) did a great job in extending our lead in the second half. Defensively, I thought we made a lot of good plays, a lot of momentum plays and a lot of hustle plays. They kept us in the game.”

(On Coach Johnson’s positive post game comments)

“I’m just trying to make the plays that take us over the top. We don’t want to give up easy layups or turnovers. I’ve been turning the ball over a lot recently, so I’m definitely trying to get the ball back when we do.”

(On reaching 12 wins)

“It means a lot to the guys who were here last year.”

(On Dallas tomorrow)

“It’s going to take a team effort, swinging the ball, guys making open shots, playing at our pace and attacking in transition.”

(On the game)

“The wins (Wednesday vs. Utah) were very similar. We swung the ball a lot, hit the open man and played fantastic defense.”

(On Anthony Morrow’s return)

“All it takes is one shot for him. One (shot) went in finally and then he rattled off three straight. It’s so big for us (his return).”

(On Dallas tomorrow)

“We just need more of the same, offensively and defensively. We can look at the tape for the last two games and see what we need to do.”