The Detroit Pistons are the 2004 NBA Champions

The Pistons win the NBA Finals 4-1 over the Los Angeles Lakers


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2004 Pistons Playoff Statistics
Through 23 Playoff games

Stat Minimums to Qualify for Leaders

MPG: R. Hamilton, B. Wallace, 40.2
FG%: Ben Wallace, .454
3P%: Chauncey Billups, .346
FT%: Chauncey Billups, .890
ORPG: Ben Wallace, 4.1
DRPG: Ben Wallace, 10.1
RPG: Ben Wallace, 14.3
APG: Chauncey Billups, 5.9
SPG: Ben Wallace, 1.91
BPG: Ben Wallace, 2.43
TO: Richard Hamilton, 3.13
PF: Rasheed Wallace, 3.4
PPG: Richard Hamilton, 21.5


Hello. My name is Allison, and I just wanted to let you guys know that I enjoyed watching the championship series! I just wanted to say Congratulations on a great season!! Every player and coach did a great job! Thank you for the great memories. I hope the Detroit Piston's have another year like they did this year. Thanks for letting me be a fan of one great Basketball team! GO PISTONS!

Dear all Pistons players and staff,

I am Andrew, a Pistons fan from Hong Kong. There are many Pistons fans in Hong Kong too. All Pistons fans in Hong Kong are happy to see that Pistons are the NBA champions for 2004! Congratulations! I would like to say thank you to all of you, especially all players. You all play excellent basketball. I am happy to see Piston’s teamwork, defense, and all unselfish play. That's the reason why Pistons are my second favorite NBA team. Hope to see all of you next season on the television broadcast!

Pistons and Hamilton fans in Hong Kong

Dear Pistons Players and Head Coach Larry Brown,

I am writing this letter to congratulate your entire team on winning the 2004 NBA Championship and long earned respect from everyone across the country. You deserved this more than any other team in the NBA. Your basketball skills, enthusiasm, love for the game and confidence have shone through in the regular season and was spectacular in the Finals. You have an amazing team with so much talent and energy. I know you all hear this from a lot of people, but I am a true Pistons fan and it’s about time your shown gratitude for your hard work. Even after Game 5 was over you never showed cockiness like the Lakers, you not only won the Championship, you made another team realize their faults and made them crumble. I am moving to Florida, but my heart and spirit will always be with Detroit, and the Pistons. I hope to see you in Miami next season playing against the Heat, me, my best friend and my brother will be the few Pistons fans there screaming and routing for you :). Good luck in the future, and only best wishes to all of you.


Eliza Lieberman

I want to congratulate you guys on a great year of basketball. Many said you were the underdogs, but that is a lie. I am a 14-year-old fan who watches a lot of the awesome games on TV. THERE AINT NO PARTY LIKE A DETROIT PARTY CUZ A DETROIT PARTY DONT STOP. Don’t slow down the momentum and do great in 2005!


Hello you guys are awesome at b-ball you guys played a great season and played as a team. Congrats! I play b-ball at my school in Westland, MI. We won the 1st place trophy. It was very fun. I’m very happy for you guys and congrats again even though you’ve probably heard it a million times. I mean it!

A fan, a b-ball lover,
Claire Wood, 12

To the players and coaching staff of the DETROIT PISTONS, specially to coach Larry Brown:


Beni Lewin

Dear players and coaches, I would like to personally apologize for my doubts that you had any chances of beating the Lakers. As coach said: do it the right way, and you did…congratulations!


As a lifelong Lakers follower, I want to be one of the first to tip my hat to the Detroit Pistons for taking it to the Lakers while all the so-called experts were talking about the Lakers in four, the Lakers in five, etc., while I knew that the Pistons would be giving the Lakers a run for the money, if indeed not win it all! Larry Brown deserved to coach a team to the NBA title as he has more than paid his dues over the years.

While I kept hearing other so-called Laker fans complaining about the officiating, I simply told those people that they had to give credit to Larry Brown and the entire Pistons team for taking it to the Lakers! The officials had nothing to do with the Pistons winning the title; your entire team had everything to do with it! When I saw Prince make that game-saving blocked shot against Reggie, even as a Laker fan, I right then and there that I saw Detroit being the eventual champions. Even if you had to go up against the Lakers. It is usually a play like that that sparks a championship run.

The championship was fairly won, and Larry Brown, having gone up against the Lakers three years ago, did his homework! I like the fact that Larry would not employ the "Hack-A-Shaq" while coaching the 76ers or the Pistons. He wanted his teams to play fair and EARN the championship, which the Pistons did.


Hi Guys,

In 1989 my aunt gave me a red n' blue Detroit Pistons suit. It was an ugly combination to the eyes of a 10 years old boy. It was love from first sight.

In 2004 watching the 5th game at 5:30am. I'm so happy that I wanted to cry.



I want to say how proud I am of you guys.
Even though I am all the way in Toronto, Canada. I am an avid Basketball "fanatic."
I lived in Tulsa Oklahoma for 10 yrs so I am still American.

I am SOOOO glad somebody finally beat the Lakers.
Thank you; thank you from the bottom of my heart.

You all showed such courage and fearlessness.
I did not once see any doubt, fear, intimidation or discouragement in your eyes or body language. So proud of you.
There were lots of time you guys played silly (okay that's too nice) STUPID which resulted in squandered leads and turnovers but then the BIG DEFENCE kicked in and ya’ll kicked butt.
Thank you for bringing it back to the EAST.

Enjoy the win guys,
Sophia B.

Hi Pistons Players & Coaches!

First of all I want to congratulate the players for their efforts and Coach Brown for this awesome team. You guys are INCREDIBLE you played very well. You guys should be proud of yourself for beating the best basketball team on the west conference. I’ve got to tell you guys, you play good Defense and slowed the Lakers down. Hamilton took great Shots, Billups handled the ball very well , B-Wallace got great Rebounds, R-Wallace great fade away and Prince guard Kobe very well. You guys played as team and everybody contributed to the game. I just want to say keep it that way and next year bring it back again.

Tomy Saint-Fleur , Canada, Montreal


I just wanted to e-mail & tell you I'm so Happy for The Pistons & Coach Brown. I watched every game. You are Great Champions.

Thank You,
Rose Bahrns

I love you guys! You’re my new favorite team, other than my home team, the Blazers. I love you Sheed and always have. You guys are a joy to watch play. Larry you're an awesome coach. Thanks for beating L.A.! Good luck next season. You have a new fan in Oregon!


To our Alumnus Mr. Elden Campbell and the Detroit Pistons. We the Morningside High School Boys' Basketball Teams would like to say Congratulations on winning the 2004 NBA Championship. Good Luck Next year. "Once a Monarch always a Monarch."

To the Pistons Players and Coaches:

Your work is done. Punch out, go home and enjoy your summer. Thanks for such a great season and giving us so many wonderful memories to cherish.

John Kaperowski

I just wanted to send Larry Brown and all the Pistons a big hug and congratulations from "Spurs Land" in San Antonio. Man it was awesome to see you beat the Lakers the way you did. You are a class act, and I can't wait until next year. I would love to see the Spurs and Pistons play seven against each other. I think it would be a real good series.

God Bless,

Marlene Collins

Peter Ashittey


Winning was just the natural consequence of your extraordinary play. A tape of those 5 games should be a part of every team's training regimen, even the game 2 loss. It teaches the value of every single point including unnecessary technicals and missed free throws.

Walter F. Spooner

To You All,

I don’t normally write letters about and to sports players or teams but this Pistons team is a special team and I felt so moved! People talk about not having sports players as kid’s role models but you proved them wrong! I am proud to have you as my kids’ role models. You guys showed what true teamwork is all about. You showed Metro Detroit why this place is such a great place to live! You showed love and respect for each other and the fans. You showed if everyone pulls together you can make all your dreams come true! Through pain, sweat, love and work you proved them all wrong!! You had the whole nation pulling for you, the underdog! You showed you don’t have to be the biggest but you are all certainly the best and that beautiful gold trophy you won proves that!

So thank you players, coaches and staff! Thank you for all your hard work! Thank you for your dedication! Thank you for your love and support of each other! Thank you for not only reminding all of us that live here but also all of the people all over the world what Detroit is truly about! We all are holding our heads a little higher and our chests swell
with pride! You are the best! You are the greatest! Thank You!

One last thing, Bless You! Bless you for believing, for dreaming, for your love and respect! Bless your families for sharing you with this city and the nation! Congratulations! Let’s do it again next year! GO PISTONS!

Sincerely Yours,
Jennifer Robbins
Rochester Hills MI

To The Pistons 2004
By Dona F. Tatum
Fan from Detroit

You brought home the championship,
and increased the hometown pride.
We"ll smile with heads held higher,
and walk with a different stride.
Wearing the colors of our nation,
the red, white, and blue,
only adds to the Spitit of Detroit
when the Giant wears it too.
You earned the trophy well,
what more can we say.
You're the pride of Detroit and Michigan
born and bred in the U.S.A.

Keep up the good work!

I loved watching your stunning victories over the Lakers. Here in England you have some really proud fans.
Paul Wikeley, Pistons fan

Players and coaches:
Congratulations with a well deserved title. You guys were rockin’ and rollin’ like Motown used to in the ‘old’ days. Enjoy this championship and best of luck in 2004-2005.

Martin Overheul
Antwerp – Belgium

Dear Pistons,
We are writing you this email to congratulate you on your NBA Championship! Our first grade class at Voyageur Academy in Detroit would like to send you a message to congratulate you! We hope to hear back from you soon!

Chauncy Billups: Keep on working and practicing basketball! From Josh

Tayshaun Prince: I am glad that you are on the Pistons Team! Devin

Rasheed Wallace: You are the best player in the whole world! You make the shots! Johnny

Ben Wallace: Go Pistons! You are the best team! Bad Boys 2004 NBA Champs! Demarco

Ben Wallace: Good Job! You Guys won the Championship, Good Job! Nickolas

Detroit went to work against the Lakers! Great Season Guys! Have a super summer!

Ms. Wakevainen, first grade teacher at Voyageur Academy

I want to start out by saying congratulations to the whole Pistons staff and team. I really enjoy seeing you all beat the Lakers. The Pistons have been my favorite basketball team for a while now. I'm glad to say that Detroit has done it again. Also I want to say that I'm the Detroit Pistons number one fan from Arkansas.

Once again Congratulations to Detroit.
Joshua A. Vinson, West Memphis, Arkansas

Hi. My name is Sylvia Montoya and I'm a baseline bum for the San Antonio Spurs and I just want to let all of you know you did us a BIG FAVOR beating the Lakers. We are celebrating in San Antonio BIG TIME! Congratulations! As you know, it was a heart breaker for us to have lost against them and NOW we are so HAPPY that YOU are the CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD THIS YEAR! GOOD JOB!


Dear Friends:

I have been a Pistons fans since Ray Scott was coach and have many fond memories of watching the team play in old Cobo Arena. I find that I am loving this championship more than even the first two (if that were possible) because it has come quicker and because of the character of the current roster. I am also a long-time admirer of Coach Brown and am thrilled to see him win his first championship (with brother Herb sitting behind him) with the Pistons.

Thank you for a great season.
Gord Brown

Dear Pistons,
I am 14 years old and a big Piston fan. I would like to say good job to you and everybody with the Pistons for becoming the new NBA champs. You guys played great. Once again good job and have a nice summer.


Great job guys!
I am proud to say that I am a Pistons fan.

Chad Fields

I would like to speak for all of the parents and educators out there...the outstanding effort of the Detroit Pistons during the playoffs means so much more than winning the championship by beating L.A.

This morning while getting my children prepared for school, we were looking at the highlights, and I was able to point out to my girls...these guys are so special, because they demonstrated the true meaning of "team". Everyone understood their role, working together to support one another with unselfish play, being respectful of one another and taking direction from the coach and remaining so humble is simply amazing especially in today's society (where it's generally all about me, me, me.).

I have only been in Detroit for 10 years, originally from Washington, D.C. I must say I feel like a Detroiter today.

Congratulations to you all, your efforts in playing the game the "right way" is something everyone can draw on in their everyday life.... how special is that.

A special thanks to all of you!

Hi guys! It was really awesome what I saw last night. It was absolutely amazing. You deserve this and I am
proud of you. You all did a great job. Enjoy these moments and keep working to get another championship.
Love you guys,

Congratulations! I have been a sports fan for some 30 plus years, I have never seen a more dominating performance, that was beautiful.

Congratulations on your championship! I'm extremely happy not only of ya’ll winning, but how it was done. With a team effort and togetherness rarely seen in professional teams these days. I also write to inform you that I am eternally a Pistons fan now because you destroyed the Lakers and did so in such convincing fashion. Again congrats on the title and a marvelous team, I'll remember these playoffs for a long, long time.

Garland Green
Starkville, MS

Thank you so much!

Bridgewater, MA

Congratulations Pistons, it was a great series and we are very glad and happy for you.

From the Desert,
John Baker

I want to congratulate the entire team, coaching staff, and the management on winning the Championship last night. The team played well together and executed flawlessly. It was the perfect display of how a team should conduct themselves. I am reminded of the "Showtime Lakers" of old.

Detroit has represented themselves, their city and all sports fan very well.

Again, congratulations on a great victory.
Evelyn W. Webb
Russellville, AR

Hi Pistons,
My husband and I watched you all season long. Even before any playoff game was played we knew how good you all were/are. However, I feel that I must compliment the whole Pistons organization for something that is equally
important as that golden trophy. During the playoffs and especially including the finals, the team and organization behaved with such class. Anyone who was interviewed by the media from coaches, to players to management complimented opposing players and coaches often. It was clear to me that you all were humble and focused. You never made excuses about your play nor did you give back handed compliments (a Laker specialty) to opponents that you faced. In the end, as big as this win is, life transcends basketball and you not only played the right way but you lived the right way in a pressure situation. This is your greatest achievement.


Way to go Pistons! Rasheed we're so happy for you! Way to make us proud!

The Libertys of Portland

Detroit Pistons,
You guys are awesome, way to go! I knew you guys wouldn't be going back to L.A.! You all played, so great and so well together; you definitely could tell what great team players you are! I'm so proud to have such a great team represent all of us, from Detroit and the state of Michigan! We are so lucky! You guys earned and deserved this win! Again, great job guys, and best of luck next season!

Melissa Kempl from Sanford, MI


Dear Pistons Team,

I am compelled to write just to let you know what a 49-year-old woman has to think about all of this hoopla (no pun intended). As the mother of people in (most of ) your age range, I can only imagine how proud YOUR mothers are of you. Not because you are famous or earn a great deal of money, but because you as a group have done this as a team. Each of you has your strong points as well as your weak points. But you come together on the court as a team.

Admittedly, I didn't start watching you play this year until the conference finals; perhaps this makes me a fair weather fan. I prefer to think of it as having come to appreciate you late in the season. I just wanted to let you know that as a mother, I KNOW how proud I would be of my children. And although I am not YOUR mother, I feel some of their pride in you.


I just want to show my dedication to the Pistons all the way here in Iraq. I am pretty much the only fan against a whole slew of Laker fans. Being out here and seeing the games after they have played brings joy and admiration to me and all the rest of the marines and sailors out here.

I would just like to say to Ben Wallace: keep blocking them shots. Cause that’s what I do out here when we play I come to represent.

Joshua B. Akins


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