If it’s not the Bud Light Party Zone or the Motor City Street Smarts, it might be the the Belle Tire Shuffle. Wherever you see her, you are probably wondering, "Who's that girl?" Well, the young lady who has been gracing the PalaceVision boards is Erin Nicole and she is in her first year as in-arena hostess for all Detroit Pistons home games. The Southfield native who currently resides in Beverly Hills, grew up performing on stage in musical theater, so being in front of 22,076 cheering fans almost comes naturally to her.

“I’ve always been used to being on stage in front of a live audience, so I think that gives me a feel for doing what I do here, being in musical theater my whole life and acting,” Erin Nicole told Pistons.com. “A lot of the previous things that I’ve done in the past have helped me get to where I am today.”

The Farmington Hills Mercy High School graduate has such a love for the performing arts that she took time off from attending Michigan State University to focus on her career. In addition to her duties at The Palace, Erin Nicole has appeared in Detroit rap star Eminem's video "When I'm Gone" as Kim Mathers.

Erin grew up watching the Pistons and is a huge fan as is her family. “I’ve always been a basketball fan,” explained Erin Nicole. “It’s ironic because I’ve never really been into sports, but basketball was the one sport I loved watching on TV, so my family and I are definitely Pistons fans.”

The Palace has led the NBA in attendance the past two seasons and has been sold out every game this season. The streak is expected to continue through the regular season and playoffs. The Pistons thrive each night off the energy of their fans who pour into The Palace for a night of action-packed entertainment. Erin Nicole's responsibility is to keep those fans alive during timeouts and breaks in the action.

“Honestly, I love the atmosphere,” said Erin Nicole. “The people that I work with, the people that I’m around, I look forward to coming to all of the games. I mean, who wouldn’t love to sit here and be a part of each home game with your 2004 NBA Champions, so it’s just the atmosphere in general and I love being with the fans. The fans are the best.”

The aspiring broadcaster who stays busy by singing in the recording studio and working on her acting, also finds time to relax with family and friends. “I’m a very low-key person,” said Erin Nicole. “I love just being at home, spending time with my family and friends, going to the mall and to the movies. Since I feel like I am so busy all of the time during the day, when it comes to the weekends and nights, I enjoy just being with my family and friends.”

Erin Nicole is currently working at WXYZ-TV alongside Carolyn Clifford, Erik Smith, Dave Rexroth and Dennis Neubacher. She is excited to help viewers start each day off right with her Traffic Tracker 7 reports.


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