“Hooper” made his Detroit Pistons debut on Nov. 1, 1996, quickly becoming the most popular mascot in franchise history. He has
outlasted the teal-and-burgundy uniforms the Pistons wore at the time and is now one of the most prominent Pistons ambassadors in
the Metro Detroit community and throughout the state of the Michigan.

Born in Lucky, Ky., Hooper’s exact birth date is unknown, although Hooper’s birthday party is celebrated each spring at a Pistons
home game with Roary from the Detroit Lions, Paws from the Detroit Tigers, and many other NBA mascots.

Growing up, this black stallion had too much energy and talent to be just a regular racehorse, juggling and performing magic shows
at an early age. So it’s no surprise that Hooper has trained long and hard to become one of the NBA’s top stunt mascots, from
rappelling off The Palace roof to breaking bricks with his own hoof! Hooper can ride a unicycle and a skateboard, and he can
rollerblade - just not all at the same time!

When he’s not practicing a stunt or pumping up the crowd, Hooper likes to travel with his trampoline dunk team, The Flight Crew, to
schools across Michigan and show them a high-flying acrobatic display in their very own gym. Hooper & The Flight Crew’s trampoline
dunk show gets “ooohs” and “aaahs” whether they’re in front of a few hundred students at a school assembly or 22,076 fans at a
Pistons game.

Hooper loves to perform for the crowd, wherever it is - birthday parties, festivals and fundraisers, to name a few functions off the
court. To bring Hooper to your event, submit the online form below. Hooper’s stable boy will contact you to discuss availability,
pricing and any special requests you might have.

To request Hooper or the Flight Crew dunk team for an appearance or receive more info, contact Taylor Griswold at 248-377-8607 or email tgriswold@palacenet.com.

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