Congratulations to our two newest additions to the 2011-2012 Flight Crew dunk team:

Devon Geter & Bub McDonald

Thanks so much to all the talented candidates who auditioned this year. We strongly encourage you to come back out again next summer!

After nearly a decade of flying solo, Hooper formed his own trampoline dunk team, The Flight Crew, prior to the 2005-06 NBA season. Since then, Hooper & The Flight Crew’s popularity has soared - and for good reason.

This aerial ensemble amazes fans with extraordinary dunking displays, replete with mid-air passes, flips and twists. Hooper & The Flight Crew perform at numerous Pistons home games and all over Michigan throughout the year. The team recently added a second trampoline, doubling the excitement of their shows.

Besides performing at The Palace for the Detroit Pistons, Hooper & The Flight Crew has been all over Michigan at sporting events, birthday parties and city festivals. In the summer of 2006, the Flight Crew began performing at school pep rallies and halftime of school athletic events. The Flight Crew loves taking their daring, high-flying exploits on the road - and into your gym.

In fact, Hooper & The Flight Crew loves to perform for any crowd, wherever it is. To bring them to your school or event, To request Hooper or the Flight Crew dunk team for an appearance or receive more info, please email or call 248-377-8607.

Hooper’s stable boy will contact you to discuss availability, pricing and any special requests you might have. If you have questions or would like further booking information, contact Taylor Griswold at 248-377-8607 or email

Tryouts for the Flight Crew are held each summer - check during the summer for specific dates. Newcomers are welcome.

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