When I made the decision to join the Detroit Pistons franchise in June of 2020, it was with great appreciation and understanding for what this organization means to the city, its fans and all those who bleed red, white, and blue. I know the history, I know the tradition and I know the urgency to which our fans want to win and see us move back up the ladder of the NBA’s hierarchy. Our focus is aligned with yours – and from the top down – we are committed to delivering on this restoration process for you.

Rebuilding a team does not always follow a linear path, and we experienced that this year with the injury to Cade Cunningham that forced him to miss a majority of the season. While that injury impacted the continuity of our team, it also presented an opportunity for growth from others. 

Overall, our players have overwhelmingly embraced the core principle of going to work and competing every night. We are in an excellent spot to upgrade our roster this offseason. We’ve positioned ourselves for another high draft choice in this year’s draft, we have a favorable salary cap position, and we’ll continue to talk with teams and evaluate trade opportunities as they present themselves.

Make no mistake – we are all disappointed with our record this season but are confident that we continue to be on the right path to success. We appreciate your patience, trust and loyal support as we continue this journey together.

You deserve the opportunity to celebrate this team once again as a fixture among the NBA’s best, a bedrock of this city and its culture. We are partners with you in building greatness together. 

Troy Weaver