Transcript: David Griffin 2020 NBA Draft Interview

“What I’d like to touch base on is [that] we’re not allowed to discuss or answer most of the questions you’re going to want to [ask us] relative to all the trades and everything that went down. There’s so many different balls in the air, it’s very difficult to get into a great deal of detail on very much. Big picture-wise, I would tell you that there’s an awful lot left to be done. Obviously with free agency starting as quickly as it does, we have some targets in mind there and we’ve got some other trade conversations going on as well. So, there’s a great many things happening all at one time. The one thing we know for certain is that Kira Lewis is somebody that we paid a great deal of attention to all season long. We’ve been a very large fan of his game for quite some time, and as we went through the draft process and learned more of who he was as a human being, we were very, very confident that he fits everything that we care most about from a character standpoint and from the way he approaches the game, his work rate. Everything about him really speaks to who we want to be from a DNA standpoint, so we’re just ecstatic that he was available. And with that, I’m going to turn it over to Trajan Langdon and let him get into more specifics.”