Gayle Benson
Dennis Lauscha
David Griffin
Executive Vice-President of Basketball Operations
Trajan Langdon
General Manager
Melissa Hoang
Executive Personal Assistant to the Owner
Melissa Manwaring
Senior Executive Assistant to the Owner
Jeanne Brown
Executive Assistant to the President
Charles Vedros
Personal Assistant to the Owner
Willie Green
Head Coach
Jarron Collins
Assistant Coach
Casey Hill
Assistant Coach
Fred Vinson
Assistant Coach
Teresa Weatherspoon
Assistant Coach
Mike D'Antoni
Coaching Advisor
Corey Brewer
Player Development Coach
Ryan Frazier
Player Development Coach
Darnell Lazare
Player Development Coach
Beno Udrih
Player Development Coach
Brian Ormandy
Video Coordinator
Marketing & Business Development
Ben Hales
Senior Vice President/Chief Operating Officer
Marketing & Game Experience
Jen Martindale
Vice President of Brand Strategy
Tracy Almeda-Singian
Director of Product Marketing
Sara Anderson
Entertainment Teams Manager
Derek Carter
Mascot Coordinator
Dan Askin
Director of Digital Marketing
Destinie Tucker
Email/ Digital marketing Specialist
Eddie Coe
Senior Graphic Designer
Keith Claverie
Assistant Marketing Manager
Hailey Williamss
Game Experience Coordinator
Shaneika Dabney-Henderson
Vice President of Production
James Crosbie
Director of Video Production
Brianna Latino
Production Manager
Shota Hashimoto
Motion Graphics Manager
Seth Lewis
Motion Graphics Coordinator
John Miller
Motion Graphics Coordinator
Jonathan Mahody
Gabriel Garza
Video Production Associate
Ryan Micklin
Production Assistant
Layne Murdoch
Video/Still Photography Manager
Ashley Amoss
Video Producer
Brendan Hassett
Video Producer
Emma Green
Video Production Associate
Governmental Relations/Business Operations
Stephen Pate
Vice President of Governmental Relations and Business Operations
Julie Borsch
Director of Community Affairs
Elicia Broussard-Sheridan
Director of Social Unification and Youth Programs
Ian Tigchelaar
Senior Director of Operations
Joshua Harris
Operations Manager
Katie Krajcer
Initiatives Manager
Jason Lapouble
Community Affairs Manager
Austin Pasco
Youth Programs Manager
Marshé Washington
Fan Engagement Manager
Megan Bourg
Operations Coordinator
Adam Fournier
Youth Programs Coordinator
Morgan Parmer
Fan Engagement Coordinator
Janeicia Neely
Youth Programs Associate
Bryce Marullo
Operations Associate
Michael Stanfield
Senior Vice President of Sales
Corporate Partnerships
Matthew Webb
Vice President of Corporate Partnerships
Alex Schulte
Senior Director of Corporate Partnerships
Chase Atkinson
Director of Corporate Partnerships
Kelly Batista
Director of Partnership Marketing
Karen Luciano
Partnership Marketing Senior Manager
Chase Langdon
Partnership Strategy Manager
Erica Bernadas
Senior Manager of Corporate Partnerships
Jonathan Pizzo
Corporate Partnership Account Executive
Courtney Boyd
Partnership Marketing Coordinator
Taylor Johnson
Partnership Marketing Coordinator
Virginia Pace
Partnership Marketing Coordinator
Quinton Washington
Partnership Marketing Coordinator
Blair Positerry
Creative Services Coordinator
Taylor Mahan
Partnership Sales Account Executive
Victoria Leahy
Partnership Sales Account Executive
Ticket Sales and Service Leadership
Bryan Ross
Vice President of Ticket Sales & Service
Blake Simon
Senior Director of Ticket Service & Operations
Matt Dixon
Director of Premium Seating
Chris Guidry
Director of Group Sales & Season Ticket Sales
Gena Boudreaux
Manager of Season Ticket Service
Tim Grzych
Manager of Ticket Operations
Zac Cooper
Season Ticket Sales Manager
Nick Batista
Suite Sales Manager
Stephen Hetro
Group Service Manager
Season Ticket Sales & Retention
Courtney Gros
Senior Account Executive
Stephanie Johnson
Senior Account Executive
Blake Leonard
Account Executive
Roger Perryman
Account Executive
Jordan Thomas
Account Executive
Rashii Givens
Account Executive
Premium Seating
Kevin Ferguson
Senior Premium Account Manager
Brian Bean
Senior Premium Account Manager
Molly Threeton
Premium Service Coordinator
Sydney LaBiche
Premium Service Coordinator
Group Ticket Sales
Denton Hunter
School Programs Specialist
Jesse Nantz
Senior Group Sales Account Executive
Chris Harpster
Senior Group Sales Account Executive
DeAngelo Norris
Senior Group Sales Account Executive
Lauren Sims
Group Sales Account Executive
Jared Bassett
Group Service Associate
Rachel Coblentz
Group Service Associate
Season Ticket Sales
David Stern
Senior Season Ticket Account Executive
Dustin Matherne
Season Ticket Account Executive
Jim Pollino
Season Ticket Account Executive
Andrew Boylan
Season Ticket Account Executive
Carrie Albright
Season Ticket Account Executive
Ticket Operations
Joe Chavis
Ticket Service & Parking Manager
Jonathan Pick
Ticket Operations Coordinator
Kristy Pugliese
Ticket Operations Associate
Ticket Service
Angela Leon
Ticket Administration Manager
Charlene Brown
Josh Daniels
Ticket Service Associate
Jbriaan Johnson
Ticket Service Associate
Inside Sales
Sydney Slevin
Inside Sales Associate
Brandon Garzione
Inside Sales Associate
Dylan Query
Inside Sales Associate
Larry Staub
Inside Sales Associate
Megan McClintock
Inside Sales Associate
Cody Link
Inside Sales Associate
Lindsey Stanek
Inside Sales Associate
Finance & Accounting
Ed Lang
Senior Vice President/Chief Financial Officer
Diane North
Vice President, Controller
Katelyn Greaud
Assistant Controller
Jeremy Mannino
Accounting Manager
Rebecca Thibodeaux
Staff Accountant
Information Technology
Jeff Huffman
Sr. Director of IT Security & Administration
Jody Barbier
Director of IT Operations
Chris Chapital
Desktop Support Specialist
Brock Orrett
Desktop Support Specialist
Travis Thomas
Desktop Support Specialist
Human Resources
Pat McKinney
Vice President of Human Resources
Mary Vinet
Benefits Manager
Business Intelligence
Ben Wang
Executive Director of Business Intelligence
Kate Mccabe
Business Intelligence Manager
Stephen Neal
Sr. Business Intelligence Analyst
Susan Chadwick
Business Intelligence Analyst
Vicky Neumeyer
Senior Vice President/General Counsel
Matt Sharpe
Staff Attorney
Greg Bensel
Senior Vice President of Communications & Broadcasting
Joel Meyers
TV Play-By-Play Announcer
Antonio Daniels
TV Color Analyst
Jen Hale
TV Sideline Reporter
Todd Graffagnini
Radio Play-By-Play Announcer
John DeShazier
Radio Color Analyst
Daniel Sallerson
Senior Broadcasting Manager/Studio Host
Fred Ruckert
Broadcasting Marketing Manager
Erin Summers
Broadcast Coordinator
Jim Eichenhofer
Publications & New Media Manager
Sam Shannon
Corporate Communications Manager
Digital Media
Doug Tatum
Vice President of Digital Media
Alex Restrepo
Director of Social Media
Beth Blackburn
Manager of Digital Platforms
Andy Weilbaecher
Digital Developer
McKell Favrot
Digital Content/Partnerships Manager
Leslie Gamboni
Social Media Coordinator
Justin Vlosich
Digital Media Coordinator
Tatiana Lubanko
Social Media Associate
Maleah Pearson
Social Media Associate
Basketball Communications
Matthew Ryan
Director of Basketball Communications
Chris Trahant
Basketball Communications & Broadcasting Manager
Henry Valier
Basketball Communications Coordinator
Basketball Operations Staff
Swin Cash
Vice President of Basketball Operations & Team Development
Bryson Graham
Assistant General Manager
Shane Kupperman
Sr. Director, Salary Cap & Strategy
Marc Chasanoff
Sr. Director of Basketball Operations/Erie Bayhawks General Manager
Adam Barnes
Chief of Staff
Aaron Nelson
Vice President of Player Care and Performance
Tom Maystadt
Head Athletic Trainer
David Jovanovic
Equipment Manager
Jenna Rosen
Director of Mental Health and Wellness
Alex Kaufman
Basketball Operations Intern
Peggy McCranie
Basketball Operations Receptionist
Dr. Andrew Gottschalk
Medical Team Physician
Stan Williams
Assistant Strength & Conditioning/Assistant Athletic Trainer
Ariel St. Julien
Team Nutritionist
Brandon Demas
Player Development Associate Coach
Jordan McGuire
Player Development Associate Coach
Jaxon Markworth
Assistant Equipment Manager/Team Travel Coordinator
Randy Greenup
Director of Team Security
Sherman Mushatt
Security Officer
Chico Robinson
Security Officer
Jon Tramer
Video Intern

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