LA Clippers v New Orleans Pelicans
NEW ORLEANS, LA - JANUARY 13: Brandon Ingram #14 and Jonas Valanciunas #17 of the New Orleans Pelicans embrace during the game against the LA Clippers on January 13, 2022 at the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans, Louisiana.
Layne Murdoch Jr./NBAE via Getty Images

Pelicans vs. Clippers Postgame Quotes 1-13-2022

Minnesota Timberwolves at New Orleans Pelicans postgame quotes from head coach Willie Green and Pelicans players following their game on January 11, 2022

Pelicans Head Coach Willie Green

On the defense leading the team to victory tonight:
“You are right. Everything was triggered by our ability to play defense by keeping those guys out of the paint and contesting their threes. We know they are a capable three-point shooting team. The goal was to rebound the ball and run from there.”

On wanting to see his team perform the way they did tonight in every game:
“Absolutely, I expect to see it and try to get our team to play consistently this way. The guys have been doing a great job sharing the basketball with 23 assists (tonight). We will have some games where we will turn the ball over some because our emphasis is on passing. Tonight it was great with six turnovers and 23 assists. We shot the ball well from three, rebounded, and got open on the floor."

Pelicans Center Jaxson Hayes

On what the Pelicans did well defensively:
"We were really focusing on getting our contest hands up on our closeouts as soon as we got out to guys. I feel like we all just did a really good job on that today, especially our guards and just guys flying out, helping each other out, so I feel like that definitely helps."

On how they've done at implementing the "point-five" system:
"We've definitely grown a lot in that department. Beginning of the season, we were a lot of one-on-one ball. The ball would stick with people, but now we just make the right reads, and guys hit the open man, and if there is a guy not open, then they just go score, so I feel like we've gotten really good at that."

Pelicans Center Jonas Valančiūnas

On the team's progression over the season defensively:
"We're learning. We're still learning, but we're getting better. That's why we have practices. That's why we don't give up on the same old stuff. Keep grinding, keep practicing on the same old stuff, which can be sometimes boring, but we don't give up, and I think that pays off."

On the offensive performance tonight:
"When you play good on defense, that leads to the offense, and then you just have to enjoy and pick guys apart, sharing the ball, making the right plays. I think we did that for most of the game today and it’s fun to play that way. Everyone enjoyed it. Everyone got their share. We need more like that."

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