What the Spurs had to say about 96-80 win over the Pelicans (3/29/14)

Spurs Coach Gregg Popovich
On Marco Belinelli and the performance he gives night in and night out
“He’s been really steady for us and he plays a great all-around game. He’s not just a shooter, but he’s a good passer. He’s maybe one of our two best cutters on the team without the ball. He does a great job. Really understands how to play unselfishly and how to play with the ball moving and people moving. He’s been important for us, especially off the bench. He started tonight, but basically he’s been coming off the bench for us.”

On it being an unfair fight with Anthony Davis being out for the Pelicans
“That’s not the only guy that was out. Those guys have done a hell of a job. They’ve beaten people lately. They’ve played everybody tough. They’ve beaten really good teams. That’s a credit to Monty (Williams) and his staff and the character of the players. It really is. We played pretty well tonight, so they couldn’t get over the hump. They have a lot of guys missing and I’m really impressed by them.”

On the defensive job Kawhi Leonard did on Tyreke Evans, who came into the game playing well
“Kawhi’s starting to really get a kick out of being a stopper. He’s understanding what he can do and he’s become more and more demonstrative in that respect, playing defense for us.”

On if Coach Popovich is eager for the upcoming test on Monday at Indiana
“Every NBA game is a test. People beat each other all the time. Good teams, teams that don’t have the same record, so it’s not the game of the century or anything like that. It’s definitely fun to go up against those guys, because they’ve played so well this year. The last time they beat us really well, really easily, so it’s a game we’re looking forward to.”

Spurs Guard Manu Ginobili
On the team’s win streak
“It is sweet to be a part of that. It is not something that happens very often because it is a long spread of games, a month or two. Here or there you have a bad game or the opponent has a bad one, but a lot of things have combined for us to have this type of streak. We played really well and we are healthy. A lot of things got together for us to get this stretch.”

On the play of the defense in tonight’s game
“The last two games, I think we were okay. We played a little bit like this in the second half against Denver, but overall that is another part of the piece. We are playing well offensively, but the defense is there. That gives us a little cushion to miss a few shots, so today was a great example.”

On the difference in his approach between starting and coming off the bench
“Now, I am so used to being a backup, that I feel awkward if I start. I like to see what is going on see how they are playing defense and what we need. I like to get it done on the job. If I have to start, I will do my best.”

On the joy the team has playing with each other
“It is huge, especially lately. At the beginning of the season, we were having wins but we did not have this type of feeling that everyone was involved, everybody is moving the ball really well and everybody is making shots. When that happens, when those things click, it is fun to play when you are on the court and it is even fun to watch when you are on the bench because everybody is in a good mood.”

Spurs Forward Austin Daye
On playing on a team with such good chemistry
“This team has a really high basketball IQ and everyone knows that. Everybody speaks on how this bunch of guys can just make things happen.”

On playing with Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili
“It is great to play with guys that will be in the Hall of Fame and you know that before they finish their careers. To play with these guys, it is an honor for me and I feel blessed to be in this situation.”