What the Phoenix Suns had to say about 101-94 win over the Pelicans (11/10/13)

Suns Coach Jeff Hornacek
On Goran Dragic’s performance

“I thought he did well. Obviously, being out for a while there is always a little bit of rust in there. But he made a big three for us. We played him 30 minutes and that is tough too. He really hasn’t practiced much. He did a nice job out there. It gives us another ball handler out there when we need something. It is good to have him back.”

On Dragic coming off the bench

“After talking with Aaron (Nelson) I was concerned about if you have a bad ankle, warming up helps it and then you can go right in the game. He said that it shouldn’t have an effect on him so we wanted to just stay with the same that we had been playing. Made a few changes in our rotations a little bit. Typically we had been subbing Ish (Smith) for Eric (Bledsoe), but we tried to play those two guys together. I think we were a little discombobulated in our rotations, in terms of guys being in a bit of a rhythm these last three games. When you bring a guy back the rotations change a little bit and guys are with different guys, but the guys still got the win.”

On Markieff Morris

“He is good offensively. He is good defensively. He is getting rebounds and is helping out, except for a few plays here and there. Defensively, I think he has been much better than he has in the past. You do not want your scoring to dictate how your defense is playing. To me, it is opposite. When you are struggling offensively, that is defensively when you should be saying okay it might be my night off offensively, but I can get after somebody and stop somebody on the other end. He has both parts going.”

Suns Guard Goran Dragic
On tonight’s game

“It was not a pretty game but good teams win even when they play bad. Coach mentioned that after the game. We didn’t play well on offense and on defense for periods of time but we still got the win.”

On his ankle

“It is a bit sore but not too bad. When I was shooting again before the game and did some stuff with Mike especially jumping left to right and then told coach that I wanted to play. I felt a little slow, sometimes I felt like I couldn’t move especially on the isos when the big guys switched on us but all the other things felt fine. I am in good shape, no problems with the lungs but I would say I am about 90 to 95 percent on the ankle.”

Suns Center Miles Plumlee
On tonight’s game

“I just keep saying that this team has a great will to win and that is something that is natural and just shows at the end of the games, we just turn it up a notch. We definitely have to execute better throughout the rest of the game.”

On being comfortable in close games

“We need to execute better, we shouldn’t be getting ourselves into those situations. Tonight we hit our shots but you can’t guarantee that every night you will hit those last second shots. We need to do a better job of getting one another open, running our stuff sharply and I think that will alleviate some of our problems.”