What the New Orleans Pelicans had to say about 94-88 loss to the Suns (4/9/14)

Pelicans Head Coach Monty Williams

On why the fourth quarter comeback fell short

“We tried to make the plays. We had costly turnovers where we had control of the ball, we’re in transition, Austin’s trying to make the right play, which I love, but we could never get that play to give ourselves a buffer. But I have nothing to complain about with our group. We held that team to 94 points. We couldn’t score in the first and third quarter, but we scrapped and played the way that we like to play. We just couldn’t put the ball in the basket enough times to win.”

On support from a limited group of available players

“That’s what we need. We want to be able to see those guys in real game situations when we need a bucket or we need a stop and see how they respond. They did a good job tonight. Four turnovers really hurt us to start the first and third quarter. Tyreke (Evans) had four trying to make plays for his teammates. Those things just compound themselves when you don’t have guys. The guys are trying to make the right plays, but we can’t afford to give up possessions.”

On Jeff Withey’s attack on the basket

“He’s really good at diving and he’s gotten so much better from July until now, finishing around the basket. I don’t think he could’ve made those plays last year at summer league. His biggest deal now is playing NBA minutes and keeping his condition. After he does that a few times, there are possessions where he’s hurting a little bit. So once he gets his conditioning up, the way we’ve explained it to him: this is his season. From here until summer league he’s going to be playing big minutes.”

Pelicans Center Jeff Withey

On how the slow start affected the outcome
“We just came out a little bit slow tonight. I think that the first quarter and the second quarter we just didn’t score. We played defense, we played great defense, but we just couldn’t put up points.”

On evaluating the contributions of the bench players
“We try to just bring energy. That’s what we do is try to be the bench in the NBA, and we try to bring a spark to our team when it’s needed. We definitely played pretty well tonight, I just wish we could have been a little bit better.”

On the mindset of the team in the last four games
“We’re just going into the games like normal. We’re not looking at the finish line like that, we just want to finish strong and keep on getting better and keep on trying to show the fans a good time. It’s tough knowing that we’re not in the playoffs, but we want to work on getting better for ourselves.”

Pelicans Guard Anthony Morrow

On the late stages of the game
“They just made some tough shots down the stretch and we just couldn’t get over the hump again. At this point in the season, they were trying to take us out of everything we were running. We fought hard, guys made big plays down the stretch, but down the stretch we just have to execute better offensively. I think defensively we did a good job.”

On the problems the Suns presented throughout the game
“We couldn’t get over the hump. Offensively, we couldn’t separate ourselves. Defensively we held them and we did a good job, but a team that can score like that, they’re going to make tough shots. They took tough shots and they made some. They made them at the right time and we didn’t.”

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