What the New Orleans Pelicans had to say about 88-77 loss to the Timberwolves (1/29/14)

Pelicans Head Coach Monty Williams

“Certainly couldn’t make a shot tonight. They weren’t in the same boat. I felt we settled a lot, lazy jump shots tonight. That kind of stuff happens but you certainly don’t expect it to happen after the win we had last night. They packed the paint and Eric didn’t have his best stuff tonight. You are going to have nights like that that. B-Rob didn’t have his best stuff; Tyreke missed a lot of shots around the basket. Defensive, I don’t know if they were good or not I have to watch the film.”

On missing Davis

“Yeah, if you don’t have anything good it’s certainly going to change a lot, but that’s not an excuse to not attack the basket, cut it to 4 cut it to 3, we come down and have silly possessions or give up a back board. That’s not Anthony. The team that played tonight was in the position to win. We didn’t play well. I know some of our guys are a bit overwhelmed with trying to play at a high level. We had our chances. This is when you have to step up and we just didn’t do it today, and that happens.”

Pelicans guard Brian Roberts
On the team struggling with rhythm
“That was the main thing; the rhythm was off from the jump. We didn't have our best stuff tonight and you have to give credit to them."

On missing a player like Anthony Davis
“It's huge. That was something that we tried to compensate for but it's always tough to lose a guy like that to try and go out there and try to get a win on the road. It was tough on us but we tried to give out best but it wasn't there."

On the early struggles
"Yeah, from the jump, shots weren't just falling for us and it was messing with us a little bit mentally and we tried to fight back in the 2nd half when we cut it to four there but we just couldn't get over the hump."

Pelicans center Greg Stiemsma
On the team struggling with rhythm

“I don't know, it was kind of one of those nights where you can find a lot of excuses, it was a back to back, it's a tough team, shorthanded and all that stuff but we tried to get into rhythm and getting some shots. I thought out defense was pretty good to hold a team like that to whatever they shot from the field. Defense was alright but it was one of those nights where we couldn't get it going offensively."

How is it playing against Kevin Love?
"He's so versatile that if you guard him too tight that he'll go by you or swing through and step back from three. He's an All-Star caliber player and he comes to play. He's just a tough matchup every night."

Pelicans guard Eric Gordon
On the team struggling with rhythm
“It was tough, as far as guards, it was tough for us to really score in the paint and to really a get a rhythm. The good thing about us is that our defense kept us in the game and guys stepped up and played really good defense and hit some shots but they are always going to key in on our key guys and you just try to find ways to score. That's what we need to work on next."

How tough it is missing a player like Anthony Davis?
"Yeah because he can score on his own and he's a big time rebounder and it's an expectation and with him you can do a variety of things but it's been a weird year with this many guys being out but we are still trying to fight through them."