What the Los Angeles Lakers had to say about 96-85 loss to the Pelicans (11/8/13)

Lakers Coach Mike D’Antoni
On slipping in the final six minutes of the game

“I thought we came out and we weren’t ready to play. We didn’t play with intensity. In the beginning, we were behind. The second unit came out and gave us a nice burst, and the first unit did pretty good in the second half. Then at the end, we didn’t have it. We didn’t play with the right energy. They just outran us and outplayed us. We needed everybody to be present and they weren’t.”

On overall reaction to the Lakers’ performance

“As I said, especially defensively, we didn’t rotate. We couldn’t get offensive rebounds in the beginning and then we go down six or eight. By the second we bounce back in and we have energy, and then we let it slip away.”

Lakers Guard Steve Blake
On the last six minutes

“We just turned the ball over, it’s as simple as that. It slipped out of my hand a couple of times. We just didn’t execute down the stretch and they got out in transition and were getting easy baskets. We can’t allow that to happen.”

On Anthony Davis’ performance

“He’s very talented and he’s becoming the go-to guy for them. He’s young and athletic, but there were times where we could have made adjustments and a lot of his baskets were out in the open floor where we turned the ball over. If we could have made him play in the half court more we would have been more successful.”

Lakers Forward Nick Young
On the last six minutes

“We just made turnovers and it led to fast-break points. In the last five minutes we needed to buckle down and make the right plays and we didn’t and ended up with a loss.”

On Anthony Davis’ performance

“He does a little bit of everything out there. He’s long and athletic, and it’s tough when he’s knocking down shots. You can tell he worked on his game a lot, and he’s going to be a big-time player.”