What the Los Angeles Clippers had to say about 98-96 loss to the Pelicans (3/26/14)

Clippers Head Coach Doc Rivers
On the final possession of the game

“I wanted to see better execution. We didn’t execute the play, but the game didn’t come down to the final play. I really thought they deserved the win. I felt like that all game. We played well for 24 minutes, played hard and played with a great focus and they played hard for 48 minutes and I really thought they deserved to win the game. If we had won, we would have taken it, but I think sometimes the basketball gods punish you for messing around and I thought that’s what we did. They kept playing hard. We saw, in my opinion, it felt like we saw all their guys out, no point guards on the floor and that’s how we played. The team that plays the hardest for 48 minutes should win and I thought they deserved the win.”

On attempting to lift the team

“I tried. I wasn’t very successful. In the second-half, I thought we did a great job. Our defense lifted and was great, but to me, when you should beat a team and when they have all these guys out and they’ve been struggling, you should win the game. And that’s not putting them down, but you should. When you turn a team on and you’re on the road, you can’t turn them back off, at least we’re not that good to do that, but I thought we turned a lot of their guys on and now at the end, we’re trying desperately to turn them off, you can’t. These are pro-players. The only thing I thought, we didn’t execute very well either. There’s a lot of good lessons for us out of this and hopefully we learned them.”

Clippers guard Chris Paul
On his game

“From here on out its just about winning. If I go 0- 15 or 0- 20 and we win, I could care less. Like I’ve said in the past it’s more than this game. It’s about playing the right way going into the playoffs.”

On with 10 games left in season what was the reason of the loss

“That team (Pelicans) moves the ball well, and they made a lot of tough shots tonight. It’s not more so than we played bad, they played a good game, and I don’t want to take anything away from them.”

Clippers forward Blake Griffin
On the game

“It’s disappointing because we knew how we played these last two games, and we knew coming in what type of team they were, on how hot they were, and how well they’ve been playing. We didn’t fight in the 1st half.”

On if there is any concern about the way the team is playing

“Yeah there is a little bit of concern, just our sense of urgency. We knew coming into this game how we played the last two games and we didn’t do anything about it. That’s a little disturbing, but at the same time this is the NBA, and the best thing about that is that you get another chance to prove yourself.”