What the Los Angeles Clippers had to say about 123-110 win over the Pelicans (2/24/14)

Clippers Head Coach Doc Rivers
On the game

“At the start I thought the execution was close to flawless. We were getting dunks, and then we started making three’s and opening the middle back up. It was really nice. Matt (Barnes) is playing terrific. He’s really buying in and defensively doing all the little things. He’s running to the deep corner and they’re finding him. I was really happy with Turk (Hedo Turkoglu) tonight. He was being aggressive. He didn’t play great or bad, he was just aggressive. I think when you miss the games that he missed, he’s been tentative to me, but tonight he was aggressive. Overall, we had five starters in double figures, and the ball movement on our team is terrific. When you play that unselfish with that many good players, a lot of good things are going to happen. In the beginning of the third quarter, I thought we set a defensive tone and that was nice to see. I thought that’s what stretched the game.”

On the bench play

“They’re getting it. We’ve been changing the bench a little bit, like tonight we went small early. Honestly, I’m still figuring our bench out with J.J. (Reddick) being out. I do like that we are subbing Jamal (Crawford) early and getting him back in and I think that helped the bench with them more. We just need to keep working on it.”

Clippers guard Jamal Crawford
On how well the Clippers players complement one another

“I think it opens the floor whenever you have CP (Chris Paul) and Blake (Griffin) demanding so much attention, and having DJ (DeAndre Jordan) rolling the way he's rolling opens up the floor if someone wants to get dunked on. It gives space to our shooters and our guys can knock down shots. Everybody is doing a good job passing the ball.”

On the team’s low shooting percentage

“I think the good thing about us is that we don't worry about that particular stat. If we did, and I saw we were 25th (in three point field goal percentage), maybe we shouldn't take them. We just take what's there. We know at the end of the day things balance out and have a way of working out. We just have to continue to take good shots and continue to play for each other.”

Clippers center DeAndre Jordan
On setting the tone early

“Especially with a young team like this, they’re going to continue to play hard throughout the whole game no matter what the score is. We had to come out and set the tone early defensively and just try to get the win.”

On the state of the defense

“I feel like we’ve gotten a lot better, but we’re still not where we want to be yet. I feel like we’re doing a great job with the initial action. It’s just the second chance points and the offensive rebounds and things like that that keep teams in games. We just have to get better at that. We have time but we definitely need to hit our stride once the playoffs get here.”