Vin Scully
(Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images)

New Orleans Pelicans broadcaster Joel Meyers remembers Vin Scully

Joel Meyers, the veteran broadcaster who handles play-by-play for the Pelicans, had this to say about the death of iconic Los Angeles Dodgers broadcaster Vin Scully:

"Whether it was the game of the week on NBC or a Dodger telecast, Vin Scully made you want to pull up a chair and join him. He made you feel that comfortable and it was as if you were in a conversation with a friend.

"Very few have had the impact that Vin Scully had on not only Southern California, but across a generation of baseball fans. When you think of the Dodgers you naturally think of Vin and some of his classic calls.

"Whether it was a Koufax no-hitter or a World Series game-winner by Kirk Gibson, it's Vin's call that made it all the more memorable. There might not have been a better story-teller and communicator in baseball history than Vin Scully. Dodger fans were spoiled for decades and all of us in the industry knew there was no one like him.

"And the broadcaster that you heard, that was so warm and genuine on the air, was exactly that in person."